Mako Shiraishi's Biggest Weakness

If there was any comedy subplot I fairly found funny in Shinkenger it has to be Mako Shiraishi. While I can't say that any girl that she reminds me of is a bad cook (ex. Momoko), however it's a well known thing in Super Sentai she has poor cooking abilities that it always causes Takeru Shiba to freak out just at the knowledge of her cooking. However I do find Takeru Shiba to be overacting over that carrot in the mouth thing or panicking too much. She had the vassals help her though so everybody was able to tolerate it later, but Takeru Shiba may just find an excuse to put her down that time.

Her cooking scenes can be as ridiculous as using a samurai to cut a squash (STUPID REALLY). However it's just funny that Kotoha Hanaori can withstand her cooking though. :-P Also, she can still improve with much practice.


  1. This thing is comedy gold. Takeru's fears can be summed up with two things:
    1. Ghosts from that haunted house.
    2. Mako's cooking.

    Kotoha is pretty much immune because she... erm, really looks up to Mako. It's a girl thing, I guess.

  2. @ChrisX-

    I kind of thought about it that Takeru of Shinkenger can be a weird guy, even weirder than Takeru of Maskman.

    For Mako's cooking, well I think the so-called "indigestion" is just for laughs. My friend's late maternal grandmother's food was even uglier- she mixed cake flour into her pork chop, added beer into crab and so on.

  3. Which episode is this from?


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