More Shinkenger Fun Pictures

Well I believe these pictures are also worth posting. Enjoy!

Rin Takanashi and Suzuka Morita in rather lovely outfits.

I hope Rin Takanashi isn't a horrible cook like her character Mako Shiraishi is!

The Shinken Boys with a wacky photo of them with a fruit in their mouth. Funny!

I just hope this isn't Mako's cooking! Ha ha ha! I wonder what this picture was?

Suzuka Morita with a Dice-O Arcade Machine.

Another lovely Rin Takanashi photo. Ling pointed out that this was her in Intramuros, Philippines. Hopefully Shinkenger will show in the Philippines.


  1. the last photo of rin was shot at Intramuros, as a promotional for the Philippines premium website promoting our country.


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