My Favorite Sentai Fan Pairings

Since Sentai isn't always focused on romance, then there were always fan pairings that happened as well. Here are my favorite fan-pairings:

I had the Takeru and Momoko fan pairing. Why? Well it had to start with my ignorance believing that Ial died frozen without knowing that their people can survive extreme temperatures (hee hee, short attention span of mine). Momoko can balance Takeru's extreme personality and all. However some fans preferred Momoko and Kenta which I just didn't like. But this is just wishful thinking except for a few episodes.

Another of my favorite Sentai fan pairing is Guy Yuuki and Ako Hayasaka. Okay they're not officially a couple but the way Guy Yuuki confidently wants to carry out the kissing scene with Ako Hayasaka proves that there might be some hope they would materialize. I didn't like the shipping between him and Kaori Rokumeikan so I chose Ako Hayasaka. BTW Guy Yuuki is 50x better than that "Cup Noodle Professor" anytime.

Update: Sadly whatever killed Gai Yuki (the stab of the thug or if he really died in battle since he went "missing in action" for many years), I personally thought they might have shared a relationship after Jetman but it never came to a full circle or did it?  I just want to think of a fan fic where Ako discovers she was pregnant with Gai's child and Gai dies without him knowing he had a son.

In Dairanger, fans argue whether or not Lin is better off with Ryou or Kou. I vote for her and Ryou. :-P  Apparently though, she didn't marry him as evidenced in the finale so yeah, sad but not really.  What if she married Red Mask. =P

Isshu Kasumi and Nanami Nono- Since they're both blue rangers in the same show (Isshu was navy blue, Nanami was aqua) so I think the writers placed a hint between them but didn't take it too far though but I like them. BTW why do I get the feeling Isshu Kasumi has mixed blood like I do? Ha ha!

Also there is Tetsu Aira and Jasmine Reimon. Okay it's NOT official and neither is Jasmine Reimon and Hoji Tomasu. True I like Hoji Tomasu better than Tetsu Aira (because Hoji Tomasu is a better fighter who can rely on raw power) but I ship for Tetsu Aira and Jasmine Reimon instead. I remembered the Magiranger vs. Dekaranger movie where it's hinted that the two are a couple.

Okay I don't know if this should be in here. I think the whole Inou Masumi-Natsuki Mamiya is only fan-shipping and not canon to the show, besides some people paired Natsuki Mamiya with Souta Megumi (not my choice). I think the two have a good chemistry but neither one of them has committed to each other in show.

Some will really get mad but I think I like the fan shipping of Eiji Takaoka to Sakura Nishihori rather than her and Satoru Akashi. I kind of thought episode 31 was a good place to start. Satoru Akashi (who I think doesn't have a crush on Sakura Nishihori) asked him about her.

I think Satoru and Eve are kind of a good couple. I was hoping they'd materialize during that one shot episode. It seems though that Satoru Akashi has feelings for Eve and the two were seemingly a couple in that episode.

Takeru Shiba and Mako Shiraishi in Shinkenger is my best shipping. Well Mako Shiraishi counterbalances Takeru Shiba's aloof attitude which was similar to Takeru/Red Mask. The two had some "moments" together in battle as well. The only thing that prevents them from getting together is this- Mako Shiraishi's cooking is SO BAD that well, if she married him she might be torture for the rest of his life. LOL. It would be a good sitcom if Rin Takanashi starred alongside Tori Matsuzaka in that way! :-P

Also I kind of liked the Chiaki Tani x Kotoha Hanaori. They do have a lot more hints than Takeru Shiba x Mako Shiraishi. Okay we had some Kotoha Hanaori hints with Takeru Shiba but... Chiak Tani's the man for her.


  1. But Gai is dead, so Ako has to resort to being necrophiliac... Just kidding.

    Hm, this drives me to watch Magi vs Deka, just so I can usher my pairing talk for Dekaranger in my blog. I should warn you that the Dekaranger shipping community can get ugly with wars and such, though (except if you ship Doggie & Swan).

    We do share our opinion in Takeru X Momoko. And Takeru X Mako. And probably Chiaki X Kotoha (probably my second best pair for Shinkenger. Poor Ryuunosuke gets left in the dust. Heh). And maybe a BIT on Gai X Ako...

    I should make some posts like that as well... Heh.

  2. ... Chiaki isn't the man for Kotoha. She doesn't have one. If they were intended to be a couple, they'd kiss or date in the show. I wish people would stop trying to make out Shinkenger is a romance drama. If you want a romance-heavy Sentai, watch Jetman or Magiranger

    Toei sometimes hints at interesting crossover 'ships in the Vs specials (Go-on Black hitting on Kotoha, DekaPink having a crush on AbareKiller) but they never go anywhere. Which sucks, cos they'd be a nice change from the usual Red/Pink or Red/White ...

  3. @ChrisX- Some fans debate Gai isn't dead while others do. I believe Gai is left to fan's imagination provided they ignore the Manga. In the Manga, we had Ako and the non-canon character Jeff. Jeff was just a manga character but I think he was good enough to inspire the appearance of Eiji Takaoka.

  4. @susurro: Well... if it's as official as Jetman and Magiranger, it's not gonna be called FAN pairing, right?

    @Sean: Yeah, I know. I have other theory about Gai's fate, which I'm pretty much holding out. (P.S: You said 'Gai' instead of 'Guy'!)

  5. ChrisX: The Jetman manga sequel hinted at Ako x Jeff (Gai's replacement on the team) but as far as TV canon is concerned, Ako gets no one. Well there was Dan, but he's dead too. Sigh ...

    Shipping is supposed to be fun but it's deadly boring in this fandom. Ask most fans what ships they like and they'll all say "Takeru/Mako, Chiaki/Kotoha, Hikaru/Urara and TimePink/TimeRed." Yawn

  6. Here we go again, why does Kaoru getting along with Genta mean she is in love with him or they're going to be a couple? It doesn't. I also notice that it's usually the Blue Ranger who gets left out when everyone is shipping the same thing. All Shinkenger fans ship Takeru/Mako, Chiaki/Kotoha and Kaoru/Genta so Ryuunosuke gets no one, all the Dekaranger fans ship Sen/Umeko and Ban/Marie and Tetsu/Jasmine so Hoji gets no one (except Teresa and she's kind of a non-starter.) Sooooo annoying

  7. @susurro: Er... can we just chalk it down as 'friendship pair'? Good God, you can't let someone have their fun, do you? Pairing doesn't always equal lovey-lovey! Me, I'd say Genta-Kaoru can be paired... but not as a love-love. Otherwise, Takeru would have to call Genta 'FATHER' one day and that'd be... awkward.

  8. @ChrisX- Please avoid using "Good God" next time? Thanks.

    By the way, I still want Kaoru to marry Genta. :-P

  9. Sean Akizuki: Tough luck, she's not going to, Tanba would never allow it and I doubt we'll see Kaoru again anyway ... which actually sucks, she was cool :(

  10. Sorry, didn't know that you're pretty sensitive to that word.

    Maybe I should update my blog about the Shinkenger pairing talk?

  11. @ChrisX- Yes I am that's what makes me hate Sentai villains more. By the way, I kind of got satisfied when my favorite Dekaranger Hoji got hit after saying that kind of talk as to straighten some of his weak points, well even he's got them.

    Go ahead and continue your pairing talk if you feel like it.

  12. So I'm not the only one that seems to like Genta & Kaoru together.

  13. @ Hallwings - Shinkenger fans are like sheep. They all ship the exact same things: Takeru/Mako, Chiaki/Kotoha, and Genta/Kaoru even though Chiaki/Kotoha is the only one of these pairings that remotely makes sense (and still isn't very interesting.) It's incredibly boring and cliche

  14. I just removed Genta-Kaoru. I now prefer her and Ryunosuke.

  15. if you ask me, takeru/red mask should have really ended with momoko/pink mask following the former's decision to set mio free.


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