My Picks as My Most Favorite Sentai Female Rangers

In response to ChrisX, I'll make this entry immediately. Here are the females in Sentai that I had taken a fancy. Hee hee.

Mika Koizumi/First Yellow 4- I liked her due to her gutsy personality plus her passion for photography. Too bad the actress left the set and never came back so she had to be written off.  But her death was really powerful IMO.

Jun Yabuki/Second Yellow 4- She's a gutsy, aggressive woman. I like her despite the fact she looks like somebody I dislike.

Sara/Yellow Flash- I liked her due to her rather sneaky tactics and smart brains.

Haruka/Yellow Mask- Although she is a tomboy, she does qualify in my list.  I may not find her sexy or attractive but her inner qualities are well, attractive to me.  

Momoko/Pink Mask- She was my favorite pink ranger in the 80s. She was rightly balanced between being feminine and being tough and she was my ideal girl for Takeru/Red Mask all along.  However she was underdeveloped.

Haruna Morikawa/Pink Turbo- She was your typical teenage girl that everybody looks up to but doesn't look down at anybody. In fact, she was one to fire a sarcastic retort in the team. Kimberly Hart reminds me of her.

Megumi Misaki- She's likable as the smart one in the Liveman team. Sadly I didn't like Liveman that much because I just don't like shows that can get too dark. IMO Liveman is darker than Jetman.

Ako Hayasaka/Blue Swallow- I find her to be the most likable character in Jetman, even more likable than my favorite member Ryu Tendo. I also ended up fantasizing her and Guy Yuuki being the one getting married for real in the finale. LOL.  She was my crush during the whole series.

Lin/Houou Ranger- She's one badass pink ranger who can be feminine if need be. I think she's even prettier and more determined than Mei ever was in Zyuranger. I sort of like the hint between her and Ryu NOT Kou.

Tsurihime/Ninja White- She's got the looks and the leadership skills.

Yuuri/Time Pink- I like her because she's one tough chick.

Chisato Jougasaki- She was the hot girl in Megaranger and we both share a passion for photography.

Nanami Nono/Hurricane Blue- I find her to be a smart lady ninja so I also like her. She's a modern Live Dolphin.

Ranru Itsuki- The fact she is a walking laboratory and badass at the same time makes her beat off Renn and Billy off their chart.

Jasmine Reimon/Deka Yellow- She was a well-balanced character as a female but started off as someone who couldn't accept the fact she was born an ESP. She had kick-ass moves but was feminine when need be compared to most female yellow rangers in the past. She was a little more like Sara in Flashman. I kind of liked how she used her ESP in battle (but sadly it's uncontrollable) and how she had partnered up with Tetsu Aira. I even think they were meant to be a couple as "evidenced" in Magiranger vs. Dekaranger.

Sakura Nishihori/Bouken Pink- She's one badass female with fabulous gun moves plus it seems she fills the void in me. Hee hee. Also, I enjoyed her tactician moments. She kind of was hinted with Eiji Takaoka in Task 31. She however had more hints with Satoru Akashi while earlier on, it seems that Inou Masumi had a crush on her.

Mako Shiraishi/Shinken Pink- Okay she may be a HORRIBLE COOK but hey, I still like her overall. I kind of find her like a sexier version of Momoko in Maskman (and a little of Haruka) in the series. I also get Kimberly Hart flashbacks with her rather ditzy to friendly moments. She's a very popular character among fans even if her cooking is bad almost like that of my godmother's mother.

Kaoru Shiba/Female Shinken Red- I included her because of her likable personality even if she's not a very great fighter and kept relying on power-ups to win. I like her whenever she hits Tanba with a fan. How I wish though she used a frying pan or something else because she's the princess of the show.


  1. I am flattered that you'd honor my request of doing a female version.

    I'll do my best to add up mine later. See which characters we share liking together later, when I post my fave Yellow girls. Or white.... or... the other one.

    Thank you for the post!

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