My Picks as My Most Favorite Sentai Male Villains

Here are my favorite Sentai villains. Hee hee. Boo! Hiss! Here's why I like them:

Dr. Man- He seems to be based on a Zoids villain design-wise but I can't get to think who.  For one, Dr. Man is practically the first Super Sentai mad scientist with an amazing genius.  In fact, he was always ready for any conspiracy against him.  What makes him amazing is his robotics technology, his commanding presence and best moment had to be when he countered Mason's coup and reprogrammed the Big Three to serve him to the end.  His best plot ever was with his conflict with his son Shunichi and how he faces his pride and his son who loves him very much.

Mason- Bioman's leader of the Big Three was extremely sadistic. Okay I admit I got as ambitious as Dr. Man as a child but Mason was my favorite villain from Gear. He was the one who came up with the most sadistic schemes, he teamed up with Psygorn most of the time (my favorite Juunoid) and he was infamous for using the Bio Killer Gun which ended up killing Mika Koizumi although he originally planned to murder Gou Shirou.  He also carries most of Dr. Man's schemes with much vigor and cruelty though he hasn't mistreated his fellows.  Best part was when he conspired to get rid of Dr. Man but failed at it but still, pretty cool episode.

Silver- He's got to be even cooler than Gear. Why? He has the anti-bio particles, the same source of energy that killed Mika Koizumi in episode 10. Also, he's so menacing that even Gear hates him that much!  I love how he fires that gun of his and adding more drama in Bioman.

Kiros- He is an in-between villain in Maskman who sides with no one, he makes a deal with Emperor Zeba that if he defeats the Maskmen, he gets Ial for himself. He's in fact so vicious I don't think the rest of Tube save Zeba could deal with him. My favorite moment has to be him tricking Baraba to his death.  In fact, his rivalry with Takeru so he can have Ial is one of the best things about him in the script.

Anagbas- Although he only showed up a few number of times, he however was more organized than the rest of the team.

Emperor Zeba- I liked how he hid his identity throughout the series and how ruthless he can get.  For one, he has cunningly manipulated everyone in the Underground Kingdom throughout the series leaving everyone at his mercy.  He really manages to hide his identity quite well and has done a good job separating Igam and Ial  that it really took some time before he was finally destroyed in the finale.  Overall, a very frightening villain to deal with.

Grand Professor Bias- Ruthless, destructive and an evil genius who really knows how to manipulate everyone.  In fact, he's really my favorite Liveman villain considering how much he really manages to hide his true agenda to become the greatest genius of all time.  What makes him amazing is that he really has a huge ego that I doubt it he even knows he's evil.

Dr. Kemp- So you've got your best friend to battle huh?  What makes him amazing is that he's probably Bias' most loyal follower to the point in the end, he gave up his brain to his master but ironically his spirit led to rebel against Bias in the finale =P.  So what makes him cool is that he really knows how to menace the Livemen especially Yuusuke.

Dr. Ashura- So I do find it crazy before his supposed intelligence, he was a fierce gang leader who can't count properly.  After his enhancements, he becomes really a huge menace for the Livemen to deal with.  For me his start to end was really well-written including his redeemed death.

Zimba- In Turboranger, he's one of my favorite villains due to his badass swordsman types or two, his relationship with Jarmin was also fun to watch.  His best episode was sadly his last in episode 28 when he offered himself to beat the other Turborangers to protect Jarmin from Ragorn's wrath.

Yamimaru- When he arrived in Turboranger, I considered him to be a real threat to the Turborangers considering he's one teenager with a very bad attitude.  While the Turborangers were teenagers with attitude to do what is right, he's a teenager (but really thousands of years old) who's got a lot of bad attitude.  His best scheme was the one that managed to temporarily dethrone Ragorn.

Radiguet- Many Sentai fans consider him as one of the biggest #@! villain ever. I agree. He makes alliances, breaks them and he's really extremely cruel and he usually beats off any opponents along the way. He almost has no sense of humor and also, I find him so despicable he deserves to be in here. I think that his persistence to live turned him into a common mugger with little memories of who he was. For some reason I could relate to him in some extent because I've also had my own selfish ambitions in the past, some unwanted superiors and a thirst for revenge that's not easily quenched.  Worse he's a genocidal maniac whose mind we'll never know how it operates and he's always, "Kill, smash, destroy..." type of insane person.  What's also pretty amazing about this guy is that he seems not to consider himself evil despite the fact he's done a lot of horrendous stuff and that every time he has a chance to become good, he tosses it aside making him more despicable while suffering from mental breakdown.

Griforther- He's one badass general with a vicious sword, a loving wife and not to mention he's incredibly strong. Okay he's not very bright but however, he manages to put Bandora's plans into better action by telling her what to do while remaining loyal to his empress.

Shaddam- He was in fact the most cunning of all Gorma, in fact he refused to die to the extent he chose to make a body of clay to continue living to eventually he forgot he wasn't in his real body in the finale, wondering why he was turning into clay. Also, he is so cunning that he was able to expose the Emperor to be merely in a host body, created a clone of Gara to serve him and how he almost reminds me of Radiguet in some ways.

Gasha Skull- Compared to Rito Revolto, he REALLY knows how to harass the Kakurangers with various dangerous tactics.  He really is a lethal enforcer for the Youkai.  Too bad he was destroyed in episode 30 considering he and his dad could have been a badass team.

Dr. Hinelar- I believe he deserved to be the final villain. He is far more cunning than his master Javious and he carried out a severe attack on the Megarangers it nearly spelled their doom.

Loki- He's for me the best Org demon around.  So I do think Ura's a menace but I really love Loki considering he was at first using Shirogane's body then he returns seeking revenge on Shirogane for splitting up with him.

Aburera- He's the type of villain who doesn't show up often yet he's been behind several crime operation schemes. He's not a very easy villain to defeat plus he knows who's the best criminal to deal with and where he can find them. Also he sounds really evil and he's been public enemy number one for so long.

Ryuon- He's almost like Boukenger's own Radiguet, cold, selfish, hypocritical, insane and an extremely sadistic individual who faced death many times but survived. In fact, he's got a great amount of destructive behavior that he's just so cool. I find him even more cruel than Gaja whom he heavily despised and showed that nobody crosses his path and gets away easily.

Yaiba of the Darkness- In Boukenger, he's another of those complete monsters we'd love to hate. Compared to Gure in Jetman or Buuba in Changeman who had noble rivalries, this one is really playing it dirty and the fact he messes up Masumi's life real good makes him a more personal villain.

The Questers Gai and Rei- They almost gave me the imagination on what if Ramu and Gogu stayed longer in Jetman and got enhanced by Tranza? Hmm... I like how they betrayed Gaja, built their own "mechagaigains" whenever they were the enemy shown for the week and how they were just plain ruthless. The best moment has to be their alliance with Ryuon and how they double-crossed the rest into getting the parts to make the Homolculus.

Long- He was really despicable in Gekiranger in how he never cared about his troops and even killed Rio and Melee. Also the fact that he can't be killed by conventional means makes him an extremely menacing force. Some fans even consider him to be equal or even exceeding Radiguet as well.

Doukoku- He's one incredibly fierce, angry guy who you just can't underestimate considering the fact his anger really causes a lot of problems for the human world.  The fact he's voiced by Rintaro Nishi (who did Shaddam) makes him even a scarier force.

Akumaro- Even if this guy didn't stay for long, he was pretty interesting and a scheming fellow. I love how he manipulated everyone around him.

Basco- How could I forget?  Basco is one bad-ass villain and he's WAY better than the Zangyacks.  He's sly, dangerous and extremely a nuisance to the Gokaigers.  I just love his ruthless gun playing skills, he's a real monster. (Added on 1/10/2012)


  1. Oh, yes, I'm glad you agree about how much a monster Radiguet is. He's a completely depraved bastard that you'd wish his head in a platter ASAP. Well, I did create an article about him just to emphasis how much of a bastard he is... But yeah, I think not even the more recent villains of Super Sentai can match Radiguet in terms of pure evil level.


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