My Picks as My Most Favorite Sentai Female Villains

Now for the female villains I really liked. Hee hee. Boo hiss! Here are they with my my reasons why:

Ahames- The queen of Amazo is far more bad-ass and sadistic than the rest of her comrades.  She really is a real pain in the neck to the Changemen considering how cruel she is plus her loyalty to her planet Amazo makes her a fierce opponent.

Princess Igam- As a woman disguised as a man, she had some really cool moves. In fact, her plans are always better than Baraba's (who she may be attracted to). Also it's her "for honor" motif that gives her an interesting sidestory as well as that she is the twin sister of Ial, the woman that Takeru has a relationship with.

Fuumin- She is extremely loyal and she is a true friend who always comes up with correcting the person without saying anything harsh to Igam.

Dr. Mazenda- She's one really badass chick if you ask me.  Consider this- the fact that she was once Yuusuke's lover gives some hard flavor.  She really knows how to use her schemes, execute schemes with much cruelty and not to mention, she was ready to avoid her brain from being taken when she became a complete machine behind the scenes.

Princess Jarmin- No dobut she's the biggest bitch ever in Turboranger.  In fact her cruelty somewhat surpasses even her lover Zimba or her master Ragorn.  So what makes her really a badass villain?  She comes up with deceitful plans like what she did with the Fire and Ice Bouma.  Her worst act ever?  Well it was with Chime Bouma when she really had to go as far as to destroy an entire tribe just to get Ragorn's will be done.  Too bad she had to be written off eventually.

Maria- She is like the "Gel Sadora" of Jetman if Radiguet is "Egobossler". She was once Rie but was brainwashed so her actions are probably controlled by her split personality or I don't know. She has rather ruthless plans and her relationship with Gure was pretty interesting. Her relationship with Ryu Tendo is also interesting.

Lami- She was an extremely dangerous scorpion monster ad she added seriousness to a rather comical band. She and her husband proved useful to Bandora.

Bandora- Well I like her more than Rita Repulsa. She's the best evil queen Sentai has to offer for me especially with how dastardly she gets to attack children.

The fake Gara- She's a clay copy of the real Gara created by Shaddam. She is one ruthless lady and an incredibly cunning one. Her schemes were so subtle it was hard to detect them.  I just theorize that the real Gara and this fake Gara was created out of some split that the other half of the real Gara was manifested into the clay monster.


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    hi! i love maho maruyama so muchfor being a versitile actress!do you have any news or photos about her?and what website should i search her new photos and also other choujin sentai jetman casts too? arigato gozaimasu!


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