Poll Results as of June 14, 2010

Now it's time for the poll results.

Do you think the Yuumaju will be more evil? 27/32 said yes, 5/32 said no. I'm on the yes crowd.

What do you like about Saban's PR? Since I allowed multiple choice of answers, they are:
  • 26/36 voted for likable characters.
  • 17/36 voted for contributed new ideas to Sentai.
  • 16/36 voted for Asians are the cool characters.
  • 15/36 voted for humor is less corny and overacting is not very common.
  • 12/36 voted for high returns for Toei.
  • 11/36 voted for girls were usually hotter.
Not surprisingly, for the poll "Which Saban hot girl caught your attention the most?", 20/35 voted for Kimberly Hart. I agree. Sigh I can't find a girl that looks like her to be mine.