Sentai's Adviser Type Villains

Sentai had a great deal of strategist/adviser villains. These are as far as I can remember:

Deathmark- He was a Pharaoh-like commander who reminded me of Ambassador Hell in Kamen Rider as well as General Sahara in JAKQ. He was revived in episode 15 and he vaporized Igaana and Zazoriya who were more of idiots than geniuses. Why the script writers killed them both is unknown. He is revealed to be treacherous and wicked. In fact, he and Deathgiller planned to use Mazurka as a bomb in episode 48. He was defeated in episode 50 prior to Taboo's emerging for the final battle.

Anagbas was an adviser-type, more serious type of creature to Zeba. He was the brains of the Tube Empire. He made his first appearance in episodes 19-20 where he had a plan to defeat the Maskman's main robot Great Five. In episode 50, he made one more appearance that would be his last. He saw his own master Zeba mutate into the second Lethal Dobler and was assigned to shatter the memory ball from the Igam family. When this happened, Red Mask attacked him severely, the Maskmen eventually killed him. He was the only Tube officer to be enlarged in violent form after being killed in normal form.

Professor Reda was Ragorn's trusted adviser although he occasionally got hit by Ragorn twice in the series. He is so far the shortest lived adviser type villain series-wise, only lasting up to episode 30 when his master entrusted him with the Chomajin Boma while he rarely appeared in battle. Although he tried to destroy the Turborangers, Riki Honoo killed him in battle.

I think Pleprecaun in Zyuranger is based on Anagbas in Maskman. Like Anagbas, he is very intelligent. However he takes a bigger part as he actually is the one who makes the monsters to fight against the Zyurangers whilst Anagbas didn't while both monsters created destructive schemes and gadgets. In the end, he was sealed back with his fellow members rather than having been killed since I assume Zyuranger was meant to be lighter.

General Tenpou was one who looked more human than the rest. He was the one who advised the Gorma Emperor on things. He was slain by Shaddam when he discovered that his master was using a secondary body made out of clay. He appeared kind of late in Dairanger but he did appear earlier than his master whom he serves. It's assumed by me that he has no real loyalty- he sides with whoever is in charge of the empire.

Grotch served as adviser to both Gynamo and Zonette on board their vessel. He was the scientific genius. So far he's the least evil in the list. In the end, he attended elementary school with Zelmoda but I find it unnecessary for a genius like him.

Shitari in Shinkenger was Doukouku's personal adviser and strategist. He like Anagbas was loyal to his master while being sneaky on the others. He was the only one to see his master destroyed in the final battle. He probably drowned during the final episode. Whether or not he'll appear in the special short sequel is yet to be seen.

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  1. These villains tend to rarely leave their post unless it's really necessary. I would call it... 'Evil Geniuses'.

    Goggle Five used to have two: Prof. Iguana and Prof. Zazoriya. However, they're kind of... bumbling ones. Eventually, Grand Marshall Deathmark would appear, kill them for their constant failures and take their place as the 'advisor' style villain.

    Only a few episodes in Dynaman, but I think General Kar fit well in the advisor type villains for Dynaman.


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