Sentai's "Wall Villains"

Sentai had some villains that were initially "walls" or had a wall behind them, they were usually immobile at first but then they gained mobility. They are:

Fuehrer Taboo in Goggle V- He remained behind a translucent wall in the series and appeared immobile at first. He was however a force to reckon with. He is ruthless, cunning and a product of genetic engineering. In the finale, he was ironically struck by Goggle Red while in his wall form which revealed his true self. He emerged in giant form for the finale to destroy the Goggle V team after his right hand man Deathmark was killed in battle. When the Goggle Robo's sword couldn't defeat him, the sword was thrown right into his eye and destroyed him.

Emperor Ragorn in Turboranger initially just sat on a throne while he could move his upper body. He however revealed a mobile form in episode 39 after a rather awesome (at the same time ridiculous) duel with Riki Honoo/Red Turbo in which he was defeated one-on-one but he ironically required to be blasted by the Super Turbo Builder to defeat him. Although he was supposedly defeated, he was able to cheat death and create a new body which however only required the Super Turbo Robo to defeat him for some reason.

Okay thanks ChrisX. Javious would count how could I forget. However he met his demise when the Nejirangers were destroyed by the Megarangers, a plan that was set by his treacherous subordinate Dr. Hinelar.

Abaranger's villain Dezumozorlya was a hidden force until the final battle.

Oh yeah N-Ma in Magirager was merely a series of broken fragments, he was just a wall villain until he was completed. Some of his body parts of his old body were used as weapons by the others. I think he counts.


  1. Doesn't that also include the main villains of Megaranger and Abaranger? And in some way, Tao Zanto on Hurricanger. You mind if I expand on this on my blog?

  2. Emperor Javius from Megaranger would count, I think. He's just a FRIGGING EYE on a big wall (At least Fuhrer Taboo still shows how his body looked). Dies when the Nejirangers get destroyed and his place usurped by the not-stuck-in-the-wall villain Dr. Hinelar.

  3. @Lavender Ranger- I don't mind. By the way, I hope you can also follow my blog too if you haven't.

  4. I do follow it, I get e-mails every time you post a new post.


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