Some Ironies with Some Sentai Rangers

I can't help but think about some ironies of Sentai rangers. These are some I can name:

You have professional rangers but then, even they can get to become "babies" at times. My favorite example is Ryu Tendo's emotional stress when he discovers Rie has been brainwashed to become Maria and at one point, he chooses to live in a fantasy world. I don't think Hoji Tomasu's unexpected immaturity in an earlier episode when he goofed up in not being able to recognize an enemy illusion was that bad.

Some jerks do have a heart of gold. My favorite example is Banban Akaza who is way more hyperactive and hard-headed than Guy Yuki was. Well maybe he became a "brat" due to his position but he learned to take responsibility afterward.

Some can be very great in the battlefield yet they are scared of other less dangerous things. Take Takeru Shiba for example- he's fighting Gedoushu yet he's still scared of fake ghosts and Mako Shiraishi's cooking.

Sometimes who you think is an idiot can get pretty creative.

Some of the emotionally stressed characters in the beginning can get funny. For example, Jasmine's funny moments happen in the decide the timeline yourself VS. movies involving Dekaranger.

Who we think are overly serious do reveal a funny side. My favorite example is that of Sakura Nishihori. I mean, hers is way more classic than to that of Ryu Tendo's infamous bath tub scene IMO.

Lastly some of them meet the most ironic deaths. For example, the death of Naoto in Timeranger was caused by a single Zenitto.


  1. Oh well if you had to pull out then ok with me since I understand the stress of managing blogs.

    By the way if it's OK I'll just repost your posts with your credit, if it's ok with you.

  2. Well this is a good post... but I find something that kinda bugs me...

    1. I still raise an eyebrow whenever you spell 'Gai' as 'Guy'. I don't know, maybe it's just me, but I'm more familiar with the word 'Gai'. Even if I spell the ones in Street Fighter and GaoGaiGar as 'Guy' (and 'Guy Shishioh')

    2. Was Ban really a jerk for being hyperactive? I thought Ban was just that: hyperactive, but well-meaning. Houji, on the other hand, IS the jerk, bemeaning Ban, calling him 'amoeba', and never acknowledging him as partner. Though he does get better.

  3. @ChrisX- Banban Akaza was also arrogant too. Well as time passed, both of them became more tolerable than they used to be. I always had compared Banban Akaza to Guy Yuki.


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