Some Misconceptions About Power Rangers and Super Sentai

The thing is in the Power Rangers and Super Sentai fandom, there are also some misconceptions that have roamed around the years and I'd like to talk about some of them:

MMPR was an adaptation of some other show like for example Jetman or Maskman, whatever. Well they don't realize that MMPR's footage is NOT original but taken from Zyuranger and later Dairanger and Kakuranger.

Another misconception added into it is that footage was stolen and that Saban should have been sued. In reality, Saban paid for copyright fees to buy footage and use the costumes. He was a necessary force for Toei to enter America.  Then Disney came next.  So yeah, while I'm not really a big Power Rangers fan but will you all stop labeling as Power Rangers as fake?!

Some fans think that Power Rangers came first before Super Sentai especially during the past and some even today until they do research. However it was the other way around. True newer Super Sentai has Power Rangers influence in it but Super Sentai came first and I believe Saban wanted to get Turboranger first. The thing is Japanese companies also bought the rights from American companies like how Toei struck a deal with Marvel, Capcom struck a deal with Marvel to make the Marvel vs. Capcom series, Takara bought the rights to Transformers and so on.  However thanks to the Internet, that misconception is cleared.

I think the biggest has to be calling Super Sentai as part of the Power Rangers family where they say, "Well the Americans adapted Power Rangers from Japan because the original one has a lot of differences with American thinking." which in other words shows that those who don't know the term Super Sentai call it Power Rangers. Some call Power Rangers as Super Sentai but the mistake isn't as common as calling Super Sentai as Power Rangers which I experience in introducing Super Sentai to which they pretty could mishear at as "Super Hentai".

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  1. Yeah, the whole mixing the titles of Sentai and Power Rangers really bugs me. Shows that people really don't know much.

  2. @Fantasy Leader- I hope you can write a new episode soon for PR Sword Dynasty. :-P


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