Some Shinkenger Cast Fun Pictures

Here are some fun Shinkenger photos I found. Hee hee.

An out of scene wacky shot. I wonder where this is? I think they're shooting for something.

These costumes just look marvelous for a photoshoot.

In their standard clothes in Shinkenger. Genta's the funny one as usual.

Another team wacky shot. A behind the scene post maybe?

Tori Matsuzaka with a schnauzer. Is this his pet? Maybe it is.

Looking really good in their jackets.

Shinkengers reunited? Maybe. Like the color of Rin Takanashi's scarf.

I think this kid may be Tori Matsuzaka's younger brother.

The Shinkenger cast with their plastic weapons on stage. Is this after a show?

Another stage show. Ah they're promoting their DVD.

Takeru with some fans maybe? Hmmm... I wonder who these lively ladies are?

A behind the scene wacky shot of the favorite shipping. Are they in a relationship in the real life?


  1. According to Rin's blog she is in a long distance relationship, so I doubt it's Tori. Too bad for you.

    The little boy in the picture with Tori is soooo adorable! I feel a bit sorry for him being poked in the face by Shogo Suzuki though

  2. i think they are in a relationship, as friends, that is! But they usually hang out with Shogo during those "the making of..." and "post live show interviews" in youtube.

  3. @susurro- BTW if you can find information on who Tori's dating and who Rin's dating, you can forward it to my email.

  4. On Valentine's Day Rin wrote a blog post where she said she was "in a long distance relationship". No more than that, sadly. Some people thought after that she was dating a foreign guy, but she didn't say she was, he might just live in another part of Japan. If I come across any more I'll pass it on to you ;)

  5. First picture they were , praticing dancing , its a building where their dressing rooms were and stuff, not sure where it is

    and Yep that is Tori's Doggy hehe, the photos from his blog

    the group photo with Rin in a scalf is one of their first photos together,

    that little kid we are thought that was maybe Tori's brother but turns out from his blog and aiba's blog that it was one of the workers or something kid, they went to an avent and it was that persons kid,

    The photo with Tori in a yellow jacket is with the cast in the mini drama, he was in, as the lead male , which was romance with the girl in blue,

    and Tori and Rin are friends, but their is alot takeruxmako photos in that book :)

  6. That first photo with wacky poses was when they had their practice for their dance routine in the vs. movie.

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