The Takeru Shiba x Mako Shiraishi Fan-Pairing

During the course of Shinkenger, as a fan I admit that I was a big fan of the Takeru/Mako pairing all along. Why? Although it was hinted at the start that she may become a couple with Ryunosuke, however throughout the series the two had become kind of close like Riki Honoo and Haruna Morikawa were in Turboranger especially when they had fought battles together as the series progresses.

Takeru really does care about Mako closer than any of the others. In fact, Mako is the perfect counterbalance to Takeru's rather aloof attitude (like Momoko was able to balance Takeru/Red Mask WAY back in Maskman) or how they had chemistry factors going on especially in episode 8 when they got "married". In the course of the show, I also felt like that their battles together suggest they're actually more than friends off-screen that is. I liked how they also clashed with the fan shipping of Juzo and Dayu as the series progressed.

By the way, I have noticed that Takeru seems to worry about Mako A LOT. They also had some good sessions together (like the Chiaki x Kotoha setting). In fact in the ending, Takeru gave a little vocal response ONLY to Mako when the team was separated at the end of the series. However it seems that by some few hints of subtle body language, that the two are actually thinking of starting a relationship. I just hope Takeru flies to Hawaii to go after her. :-P

Anyway I think that the Takeru x Mako fan-pairing also includes Takeru x Momoko fan pairing from older Sentai fans, which by the way includes me. :-P


  1. When were Juzo and Dayu ever romantically involved?! Juzo didn't seem to care less about Dayu and if anything she had more going on with Doukoku - the kimono symbolism, for one, and he's the one she gave her life for. I can't see that much of Takeru/Mako either, except in fans' minds; from some of the Japanese fan sites I've seen it appears that there are a lot more Takeru/Ryuunosuke and Takeru/Kotoha shippers there than in the English speaking fandom. Takeru isn't ready to be a husband or father, it is too big a commitment right after defeating the Gedoushuu. Mako is too far ahead of him. Maybe it's just as well that nothing happened between them, that way everyone is free to imagine what they liked ...

  2. Wer is that redmask(Michael joe) & Pinkmask(Mary Rose) scene? I didnt see it on the MASKMAN series

  3. I think Momoko and Takeru is a better pair on script of Maskman. I just hope this thing happened during the running of the show. Sad to say and too late, their show had reached its ending. I hope they will have reunion, evidenced by a photo posted on a webpage of

  4. if takeru and momoko ended up together onscreen, then this may become an inspiration for the ryuu/kaori romance as well


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