Villains Who Reformed and Lived to Tell the Tale

There were a few villains in Sentai who reformed to live and tell the tale. Here are some I can remember:

In Changeman, we had Shima, Gyodai and Gator who reformed and lived to tell the tale. They in fact joined int he final battle against Bazoo who is the the Living Planet Gozmaster. Shima was restored to her true self by Bubba who committed suicide via battle. Gator and Gyodai were resuced. Gator was one who had enough of Gozma's cowardly ways.

In Maskman, Princess Igam in the end wasn't killed. Instead, she became a nun to walk a new path in life after uniting with her twin sister Ial to bring Zeba's ultimate downfall.

Although Yamimaru and Kirika were nearly killed by Ragorn for treason, in the end they lived to tell the tale.

In Jetman, Dryer Jigen was a monster of the week who despite his immense power had a good heart. In the end, he managed to find redemption and lived to tell the tale.

Acha and Kocha were in charge of enlarging monsters like Gash in Liveman. However after the end of the Baranoia Empire, they were brought with Gunmajin to some planet to raise the son of Kaiser Buldont and Empress Maruchiwa after the final battle.

The Bowzock of Carranger also left to tell the tale. In fact, the three pictured above managed to gain the forgiveness of the people of Earth for their misdeeds. In an ordinary Sentai, Exhaus would have succeeded in executing them. Zonette is also included but she's not on Earth while still thinking of her true love Red Racer.

Yatsudenwani in Abaranger reformed and later became Dino Curry President.

Atukagami is another monster of the week. He was created by Dark Shadow and he was always treated badly, even to use him as a kamikazee. He was befriended by Eiji Takaoka and in the end, he managed to learn what life is.


  1. I loved Dryer Jigen. They should do a villain like that again in Goseiger.

  2. Uh correction, please. Ahames didn't live in the end, nor did she reform. Sheema (the woman who used to have a man's voice, until the end) does reform, on the other hand.

  3. @ChrisX- I got the names jumbled. Sorry. Hee hee.

  4. about reformed villains who lived in sentai ; there are a few more:
    -Liveman: Go Omura/ Dr Obular
    - Abaranger: Jannu/Mahoro, Lije/ Lijewel and Yatsudenwani
    - Timeranger: arguably Mad Racer Baron and D.D. Ladis, who reformed, and were frozen (since Timeranger monsters aren't killed)
    - Magiranger: Vancurya, Sphinx and of course Wolzard
    - Gaoranger: Charcoal Grill Org
    - Dairanger: I'm not sure, but it seems that the three idiots Gorma (Kamikaze, Tombstone and Phone) survived as well and of course, reformed
    Some of them are arguably villains (examples, D.D.Ladis, Charcoal Grill Org and Yatsudenwani) but I included them because they were monsters of the week, since you included Dryer Jigen; by this reasoning, Sairagin and Liogin from Fiveman can be included as well.


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