Weird Science in Super Sentai

So far I'm inspired by the entry at Henshin Grid entitled "Physics Laws in Power Rangers", now here is weird science in the outrageous world of Super Sentai:

Stand up cockpits are probably the most ridiculous thing ever IMO.

How some of the bases ended up becoming a super robot.

Time travel is something. Time travel has happened in some Sentai series like Maskman (in the quest to eliminate Takeru), Jetman (when they were blasted to the stone age) and it became the theme of Timeranger.

Many inventions defy science in the show. Fortunately most of them won't come true. For example, gattai robots are already one. Another is how one can easily change from regular clothes to their power suits.

Genetic engineering is an issue. In fact, some Sentai series have monsters created out from laboratories and they know who their superiors are. Funny really.

Some of the enemies have established their bases on the South Pole. These places were Black Magma, Gear and later Zone.

There is air in the moon, gravity is normal in the moon in Zyuranger. This is just weird. Some even are just floating in space and they have normal gravity.

Artificial intelligence. This is a touchy topic. From Sentai assistant androids to villains, sigh even villains do fall for each other. Mason and Farrah were robots but they felt concern for each other. Gash was truly loyal to Bias. Sentai assistant androids care about their team.

Sparks fly off when you punch or stab your opponents. It's just got to be weird.

After a grand battle, the enemies explode rather than remain died even when a cannon is not used to destroy them. Only a few died without exploding- Kaura in Flashman, Chevalier in Fiveman (though his corpse was absorbed by Vulgyre afterwards) and Grey in Fiveman. This is way too weird.

How somebody so great and powerful can be stuck on a wall?!

Aliens can speak Japanese to the people. I assume they can also speak English too. Hee hee.

Teleportation is another. I don't think this will ever be achieved in real life. This was also used to teleport some of the other rangers from their mecha to the cockpit. Some zords split into two so I assume they teleported earlier than expected.

There's much battles with giant robots yet the city manages to survive at the end of the series or is normal at the next week. Hee hee.


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