Boukenger and Lemuria's Myth

The most interesting part for me in Boukenger has been the Lemuria side story. Why? Well it's been the myth that's been more focused than ever. You can read about the fictitious place from wikipedia at: It has several accounts of it sinking beneath the ocean, although in Boukenger it was never specified to why it sank but different writers had their different ways of telling the story.

In episode 29, the first references to Lemuria are both the Lemurian egg and the Golden Sword (who is also Zubaan). Evil men can't use the Golden Sword as shown.

The Lemurian egg was necessary to hatch the dangerous Lemurian Beast which was defeated by the Golden Sword.

This was the legendary beast of destruction that was created from the Lemurian egg. The first one was destroyed in episode 29 by Bouken Red who did a high jump using the Golden Sword. A second one was created by Gaja with the Gordom Engine.

In episode 30, Zubaan is discovered and becomes the "seventh ranger" where he poses with the Boukengers. He is closest first to Satoru Akashi being the one to pull him out of the sword.

Gaja tried to take control of the sword but failed. He however created a second Lemurian beast using the Gordom engine, which again the Golden Sword.

Later on, we would learn that Natsuki herself is actually Lilina of the now-extinct Lemuria. She was sent into the future via suspended animation no wonder she has no memories.

Also included in episodes 33-34 is the Sun of Lemuria which Ryuon together with the Questers planned to power the robot Dragon Grand which was however defeated by the Dai Voyager. A flashback was later seen through the Sun of Lemuria which left a message from Natsuki/Lilina's real parents, it also contained almost unlimited energy too.