Do These Sentai Actresses Have A Good Amount of Mixed Heritage?

I don't know but I think some of these cast members have some mixed blood in them. They are:

Michiko Makino- When I saw her in Bioman, I kind of thought that she doesn't look very Japanese to me.

Natsuki Takahashi- I kind of thought that despite the fact she is casted as a half-Chinese character, she doesn't look very Oriental to me. I even thought that Takahashi may not be her real surname and that she's actually half-Western.

Juri Miyazawa- She looks kind of like she's half-Caucasian.

Ayumi Kinoshita- For some reason, her skin seems to be kind of the American feel.

Rin Takanashi- I even feel that she doesn't look very Japanese. Is it her eyes? Even her skin quality isn't very Japanese either IMO. I think she has the type of beauty similar to former Hong Kong actress Isabella Leong Nolasco de Silva.

Mihiko Niwa- She doesn't look very Japanese either.

Rika Satoh- I find her beauty to be kind of typical Taiwanese. I wonder if her mother is Taiwanese and she actually knows how to speak Chinese? She looks like Rainie Yang in Meteor Garden.

Mao Ichimichi looks kind of Western too.


  1. Rin Takanashi looked a lot more "Japanese" when she was younger - you can see pictures on her blog from 2-3 years ago. I think it's the dyed hair and makeup style she uses - she might have had some "cosmetic" work done too (sssshhhh!)

    Ayumi Kinoshita doesn't look American at all. I think you associate her with that because her Dekaranger and Kamen Rider characters tried to speak English in an American accent

  2. hello sean you know i found the recent pic of michiko makino pink 5 of bioman yeh! on the page 34 of japinoy that i post


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