Goseiger 21- Elegant Eri

The new monster of the week Waraikozo is causing electrical problems everywhere he goes. I find this episode kind of funny with this problem as well. Eri seeing the problem decides to help a local bakery with the task of finishing a cake.

Eri is quite the focus of this episode hence the title "Elegant Eri". She decides to help the local bakery which is hilarious because of the bad cooking. She is able to get through helping the bakery but not without much struggle. I kind of got reminded of Meteor Garden's Xiao You with the bakery scenery. At the end of the episode, she actually had helped from Alata who may be her love interest in the show.

In a rather awesome moment, Eri uses some flour and beats the enemy like crazy before the giant robot battle ensues.


  1. This ep was fun. Much better than the previous eps. ^__^

  2. i didnt like this episode that much, i liked some previous episodes better mostly the ones that were dark, the next episode though looks good


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