How I'm Starting to See Goseiger Now

I think Goseiger may not be a very good season IMO but it may be too early to say that. Here are some weak points I see in the show:

I think the characters need to liven up. The only one that's keeping the show alive IMO is Eri. I even thought that Shinkenger has better character development than this show although none of the rangers are annoying.

The show's previous villains weren't that strong so they had to be killed off early except Bladerun.

I think the show needs to improve its fight scenes. Am I getting biased or what?

I think there's too much mecha. In fact, I'm not surprised some of my visitors voted for "Cut down on the mecha" and I agree. I hope this doesn't cause a crash in Sentai. If Sentai freezes, well Saban may end up dubbing/subbing Sentai series instead. I hope no more new mecha after the next batch! At least the previous had better mecha plot than just coming in out of random.


  1. they might sub or dub sentai series, im a little disapointed, im not a big power ranger fan, but i did like it when saban had rights to it, but i am a bigger fan of sentai, maybe they could even show older sentai series, probably not though

  2. ur right about goseigers' characters, but i think goseiknight is a good character for the show, and alata has been doing some good in the series

  3. Though honestly, my biggest complaint for Goseiger so far is how to me, it feels like a really watered down carbon copy of Gingaman. Like, how they lose their home at the start, and the theme revolving around nature and the planet. Heck, even GoseiKnight seems like a watered down carbon copy of BullBlack. All of his actions were so predictable. Plus, his first appearance was way too similar to BullBlack's entrance scene. Kind of lame if you ask me.

    I gotta say, Goseiger has a lot of potential. But it won't use any of it! I hope the last 30 eps can do something that could make this season memorable. One theory I have is that the producers aren't really trying that hard with Goseiger, instead trying to focus more on the 35th anniversary instead.

  4. Yeah, Goseiger really needs to do better with it's characters. Heck, Agri has had only one focus episode! And that was all the way back in episode 7. -__-

    And of course, no doubt Shinkenger had much better development. Definitely one of sentai's best in that area.

    As for the villains, honestly, I do not like the Yuumajuu. Both of them are very annoying IMO. The only villain I like is Bladerun. And Bladerun rarely gets any screen time. I also feel like WarStar was just wasted now. IMO, WarStar had potential.

    As for the fight scenes, I think it's neat that Goseiger is a Sentai where the fight scenes revolve strictly around blasters. And to be honest, Goseiger has proven to show some rather interesting and unique fight scenes. But of course, the good fight scenes seem to happen once in a while. They can't seem to come up with that many good fight scenes with this blaster concept. I'd much rather watch something like Gekiranger for the entire season. Since that fighting style was awesome. I don't think you're biased at all sean. Though I do find it strange that you used the Derepta vs Alata final fight as the picture to represent this issue. Since IMO, that's the best fight scene in the season so far. And definitely a really good one in the sentai franchise.

    Sentai won't freeze. I can assure that. But yeah, mecha really needs to cool it. Or at least do something cool with it! Like, design wise, organization, and plot wise! IMO, Gaoranger and Boukenger handled this way better. I mean, come on! That Ostrich mecha was so random and like hasn't been used since the last like 7 eps!

    Overall, I'm not saying Goseiger is bad. But compared to the rest of the sentai franchise, I rank it below most of the other seasons. Also, the writing team for Goseiger is terrible. The whole pacing and character development is a mess.

  5. I don't think it sounds biased, but I agree...except for the fight scenes. They're okay.


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