Monster Enlarging Agents in Super Sentai

Somehow this has crossed my mind today that there have been troopers who were monster-enlarging agents in Super Sentai. They range from those who are "just sent" to those who play a more important position.

Just sent to do the job:

Gyodai in Changeman- He would appear when the Change Bazooka made its move to enlarge the defeated monster of the Gozma. However he ended up befriending the Changemen.

Kuragen- A giant jellyfish monster that shrinks itself when it enlarges the monster. Gender unknown.

Okerampa- As great as Maskman as a series was, Okerampa was a pretty underdeveloped character. He had no backstory or anything nor did he participate in any battles.

Those with a role:

Guardnoid Gash of Liveman was more than just a monster enlarger, he was actually Dr. Bias' loyal bodyguard.

In Turboranger, the generals themselves were the monster enlarging agents. Rehda used his magic flute, Zimba used a tornado, Jarmin breathed out a serpent-shaped fire out of her mouth to the sky and Zulten used his blowfish. Yamimaru used his spider companion to do the job.

While most of the monsters in Jetman were self-enlarged, Tranza when he overpowered the others for a moment used his telekinesis to enlarge his creations at times.

Bandora of Zyuranger despite being the queen enlarged the monsters herself.

Monsters in Dairanger were enlarged by the generals at times with that power grenade (which was later adapted for Lord Zedd in Dairanger) and at times, the monsters had it themselves. Go figure.

Ohranger's Acha and Kocha were like Guardnoid Gash in Liveman except they like Gyodai reformed and lived to tell the tale.

Megaranger had Bibidi who bit the monsters to make them go large.

Gaoranger had Tsuetsue (right) who enlarged monsters with her staff.

Wendinu was the one responsible for enlarging the monsters but like some, she was usually in the base when it happened.

Voffa of Abaranger enlarged monsters using music. Now that's just weird. Only if real music can do it. LOL.

Gaja of the Gordom in Boukenger enlarged the monsters using his incantations reminding me of Tranza.

Ryuon of the Jaryuu used his harpoon to inject energy into his strongest Jaryuu to enlarge them.

Gekkou of the Dark Shadow in Boukenger used his own magic to enlarged his defeated creations.

Bladerun enlarged the monsters in Goseiger when they were defeated, while he was still serving Warstar.

Makuin of the Blob in Goseiger was later responsible for enlarging his own monsters.


  1. Just a correction here.

    Wasn't Tsuetsue (from gaoranger)the one on the right side and not left side of the picture?


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