My Favorite Sentai Plot Twists and Turns

The thing is Sentai has managed to have some twists and turns throughout the franchise to avoid being redundant. Here are some of my favorites:

Adding a villain that opposes both the rangers and the enemy organization.

Villains who reformed and lived to tell the tale.

When the final villain isn't the main villain. My favorite example is Dr. Lee Keflen.

The Flashmen and the anti-Flash phenomenon. This added height to the drama as the Flashmen fight to defend a world that's not their home anymore and that sooner or later, they will be destroyed. Also, the fact they refused the cure is another.

When the main villain isn't introduced directly. It adds some suspense to the show. Vulgyre was an example where he used a projection that was called "Empress Meadow".

When the final villain has an ironic defeat- for example Exhaus was however defeated by just plain imo-youkan even when he defeated all their mecha. Ironies do exist after all.

Rather than always having started with five, there are some that start with only three members as the default then more members come into the team. These shows are Liveman, Hurricanger, Abaranger, Gekiranger and Go-onger.

When the enemies are divided among themselves. For example in Jetman, Vyram had no real leader. In Boukenger, the Negative Syndicate were divided into the Gordom, Jaryuu, Dark Shadow and Questers.

When there are enemies that just refuse to die like Long for example.

When there's an unofficial ranger in the group at times.

The part when the second-in-command is better than the leader. A good example for me is Hoji Tomasu being the better leader than Banban Akaza.