Other Methods by Sentai Villains to Trigger A Giant Battle

Ever since Battle Fever J, the villains have gotten smarter to launch a giant battle. Hee hee. Anyway here are the other methods that didn't involve a monster enlarging agent:

Egos of Battle Fever J sends a giant replica to replace the fallen foes.

The Deathtopia sends a giant replica (but not the first four episodes) to revive the fallen monster (which is presumably not dead) to do battle with the Goggle V. The method was somewhat reused in Dekaranger but theirs was a criminal of the week though.

Some monsters were automatically enlarged when defeated. This was seen in Denziman, Sun Vulcan, Dynaman, Jetman, Kakuranger, Gogo V, Timeranger, some Alienizers in Dekaranger, Magiranger, Gekiranger, Go-onger and Shinkenger.

In Bioman when the Juunoid gets defeated (and they retreat), the New Empire Gear sends a giant monster which at times, was just a desperation measure or at times, was involved in the plot to take over the world. Later on, the assigned member of the Big Three pilots it.

The Fivemen used the copy giant Gorlin. This method was later re-used in Hurricanger for Sargain's monsters.

The Bowzock's had to be the weirdest. Their monsters ate imo-youkan from Imocho to enlarge. :-P

The Balban made their monsters drink some kind of juice in times of desperation which would however as a side effect, lessen their life expectancy.