Sentai's Funny Geniuses

The thing is in Sentai there is the rare type of cross between being funny and being smart. Being smart meant being the serious type but some are kind of having the short attention span but they're pretty creative. They are:

Dr. Dazai in Turboranger- True he's a genius but he's hardly the too serious type. Maybe he's studious and everything but he always takes time to relax his brain. He is actually comic relief to the Turborangers especially with his scenes with Misa Yamaguchi. I find him funnier than Professor Phenomenus IMO.

Professor Eikechi Kubota- He was somewhat comical at the same time, a man who knew English more than his recruits. Just check the African guy on the back. I wonder how Toei gets them?!

Morio Makino- He does qualify. Why? Well he's a genius at the same time, he has a wonderful sense of humor. I can't forget how he really throws a joke or gets into comical scenarios altogether.

Genta Umemori in Shinkenger- He's a smart ranger and he's also a funny ranger. He can get hyperactive but he is pretty creative. He is a good cook, he's learned to manipulate mojikara and even created his own mecha namely the Ebi Origami (which is the first transforming origami in the show) and later he created Daigoyou to assist the team. I think he's unusually smart that he imagines too many things like many great classic composers like Ludwig Van Beethoven. He beats out Gem and Gemma in being a funny genius.

Professor Amachi- He is a very funny genius. He talks dumb but he's really smart. Never found anybody like this yet in real life.


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