Sentai's Womanizers

The fact is Sentai has its own list of womanizers who are:

Shou Hayate/Change Pegasus- He entered into the military hoping to find girls in the process.

Kenta/Black Mask- He is the one with the most women in the series. He had Miyuki in episode 7, Yui in episode 11, Yoko in episode 13 and Seira (who is actually a monster) in episode 26. I kind of liked his tandem with Yui the best.

Youhei Hama/Blue Turbo- He chases around girls in the campus, maybe the source of his low grades?

Gai Yuuki/Black Condor- He is played to be somebody who flirts around with girls. Apparently he's played around with Ako Hayasaka for awhile (my favorite love team) and after his serious relationship with Kaori Rokumeikan ended, he went back to flirting with other girls.

Dan/Tricera Ranger- He was kind of a flirt in Zyuranger like the character in Jetman who was also named Dan and acted by the same actor.

Kou/Kiba Ranger- I think he's included. Hee hee.

Kenta Date- He mentions how he likes hot girls and has had some on/off romances.

Shou Tatsumi/Gogo Green- It was shown in episode 15.

Domon/Time Yellow- He always chased around girls that he lost his job as a wrestler. He later left a child behind at the 21st century by Honami Moriyama.

Souta Megumi/Bouken Blue- He has fallen for Princess Kaguya, he can't refuse any ladies and also, he has a crush on Shizuka in a rather lighthearted manner. I felt like this characteristic should have been given to Masumi instead.

Hant Jo/Go-on Green- He took a job just to get girls.

Ken Hisatsu- He was also pretty girl crazy himself.

Elehun Kambo- He was a perverted Fist Saint.

Ian Yorkland/KyoryuBlack - He is the Gai Yuki of Kyoryuger.


  1. After watching Turboranger, I don't think Youhei is as much as a girl-chaser other than he's just a walking chick magnet. He doesn't chase girls, but girls STILL flock over him.

    Of course he kinda 'lost' that status after that incident with the face-swapping monster...

  2. I think Dan from Zyuranger to an extent could count. Even though it was never really touched upon, every once in a while, he'd talk about how he likes girls, or he'd tell a passing by girl that he likes her, or he'd be seen reading a magazine with girls. XD

    Then there's Seikai from Kakuranger. He was always about food and pretty women. And several eps got his whole team in trouble due to his obsessions. XD

    Kenta from Megaranger might count. He mentioned every now and then how he loved hot girls. Even in one ep, he touched Chisato's breasts. XD

    Shou from GoGoFive. But for just one episode really. Ep 15, when he had to put up with helping three girls. Though in some other eps, he'd compliment certain girls' looks.

    Would you say anyone from Dekaranger was a womanizer?

    And I know this is the complete opposite, but Houka from Magiranger. She's got lots of boyfriends. XD

  3. What about Go-on Green? He took a job just to get girls and he definitely had a thing for Kegareshia ;)

  4. @Fantasy Leader- Thanks.

    @susurro- Thanks.


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