Some Interesting Sentai Cast Pictures I Found As Of 7/14/10

An older picture of Kouichi Kurasaki who played as Kenta/Black Mask.

Michiko Makino as a cover girl.

A rather interesting picture of the girls before they got into Super Sentai. The only one I can recognize is Rika Kishida. On her right is that... YUKI YAJIMA?

Yuki Ito with what seems to be a half-white girl.


  1. KENTA! where did you the photo?

  2. hello the older photo of black mask is japinoy and posted by akirasan21
    and the group photo are teenage day of sentai girl from left noriko kinohara ,kazuko miyada from fiveman,
    rika kishida,yuki yajima and mai oishi and i have something to share to sean

    try to watch kazunari hirota on thatlink on bottom part

  3. my name is terz and i am akirasan21 of japinoy.nice to meet you


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