Some New Cool Shinkenger Cast Photos

These are just too cool. Ha ha. Now more sharing time.

This is Tori Matsuzaka celebrating his birthday. Actually he's three years my junior.

Perhaps the coolest sets of outfits. My sister dresses up like Rin Takanashi. I'll probably start dressing up like Tori Matsuzaka once my mourning period of two years is over.

Just one of the best-dressed photos of the cast.

Tori Matsuzaka and Shogo Suzuki. Is Tori Matsuzaka near-sighted like I am?

A set of funny faces. Takeru is apparently trying to widen his eyes to have the "Anime feel". No need for Mako- her eyes are kinda wide already. Is she half-Caucasian?

Shogo Suzuki is doing a Kamen Rider pose?! Ha ha.

Our Shinkenger males as assassins? Hmmm would be a nice concept.

Our boys in some classical outfits. Reliving the 80s?

The Shinkengers greet you with... flowers! Hana hana hana! Yehey!


  1. shinkenger people seem like new trend star, but their shinkenger style is a traditional style. But there is not a big problem


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