Takeru Shiba: The Shadow Red Ranger

For some reason, I have decided to do some character focus once again. Hee hee. I kind of thought that perhaps, my favorite red ranger for this decade may just be Takeru Shiba (real surname unknown) who for me is a "souped up" version of Takeru/Red Mask. He has all his bad-ass moves, the rash personality and everything that I somewhat can relate.

Remembering him in Shinkenger, he may be a serious character but he does have some hilarious moments that do contribute to avoid him from being too much of a weirdo as he can be so much of an aloof person, which however Mako Shiraishi can understand. Also, he's the only Shinkenger who can get too judgmental at times especially when it comes to Mako Shiraishi's cooking while the others are willing to give her a chance. He tried to hide his true feelings but somewhat began to reveal them to Mako Shiraishi, maybe he was in love with her... who knows? Well good luck though, he'll have to learn to adjust to her cooking. XP He had Mako however became a great pair in combat but that didn't make them a couple though.

Also his one stupid secret is this- he was so scared of amusement park ghosts but funny he could fight the Gedoushu with all his might. :-P His existence was given a lot more plot in the series when his rival known as Juzo appeared to cause them pain. He and Juzo clashed swords more often as sworn enemies.

So anyway it was revealed he had a childhood friend in Genta Umemori who frequently interrupted with his training to whom he gave the Squid origami too when they were younger which angered Jii. He kept his intentions secret to why he didn't want his friend to join until it was revealed it was out of concern. However, he began to to accept his friend Genta Umemori as a member of the team even if his friend was no samurai. This decision gave them an edge against the ever getting stronger Gedoushu.

Later on, it was revealed that he was merely a kagemusha or a shadow warrior, raised to protect the true heir who was Kaoru Shiba. He felt guilty about hiding the whole truth and left. However the true heir cared about him and didn't agree with Tanba's statements.

Thinking he had nothing to fight for, he went on to finish his battle with Juzo which he emerged victorious and his friends came for him. He discovered that everybody in the Shinkenger team including Kaoru Shiba cared about him for who he truly was... the kagemusha he is. However it resulted in the most WTF moment when Kaoru Shiba decided to "adopt" him rather than acknowledge him as her older brother when she failed in her mission to seal Emperor Doukoku.

Eventually he proved himself as a real red ranger to his reputation, he inspired the others to finish the battle with Doukoku even if it meant their lives.

In the final scene, he gave a vocal response to Mako Shiraishi only before he left, perhaps she was the only one that close to him in the team aside from Genta Umemori.