Trademarks and Milestones in the 2000s Sentai

The thing is here's what I think marks our current era of Sentai:

The use of the "Anime feel" in dressing which was introduced in Timeranger. Also Timeranger is the first to include Goranger and JAKQ in the Sentai timeline in contrast to Turboranger.

The introduction of the uniforms get mixed reactions. I kind of liked the uniforms if you ask me.

There have also been attempts to have some "old school" while "trying to keep it fresh". I think Shinkenger is at it as well as Dekaranger (the stay-in-your-cockpit scenario).

The gathering of the red rangers in Gaoranger vs. Super Sentai. How they gathered is left to fan's imagination.

A frequent trying to break the traditions without compromising quality. It pleases new fans while some fans are too unfriendly to change. Well that's that. Boukenger did it the most IMO and so did Dekaranger.

Action is still good but not as good as it used to be most of the time.

Sentai girls are the hottest from 2000-present.

The introduction of multi-gattai robots starting with Gaoranger. However this is leading to mecha overload as of late and I think going back to some old school 80s-90s elements may be necessary in the future. I think Sentai needs to reduce mecha if you ask me.

It was the decade to start introducing females as extra rangers. However Lisa Teagle only appeared for one episode in contrast to Mio in Go-onger where she and her brother Hiruto appeared from the time they were inserted to the end. I should mention Kaoru the first female red ranger was an add-on ranger as well. (Thanks Lavender Ranger)

Go-onger featured the first team where there are seven rangers in total in the regular team. Dekaranger's extra rangers were NOT regular members like Doggie, Swan, Lisa Teagle and Marigold.


  1. The anime feel actual dates back to the 80s. Especially if you compare the 80s sentai to 80s anime. Both sentai and anime have evolved throughout the decades. I think Timeranger definitely resembles anime of it's time. :)

    I like the uniforms too. :)

    I think Sentai always tries to nod towards older seasons.

    The red ranger gathering was just fanservice. xD

    And yeah, starting with Go-onger, Sentai went mecha crazy. Not handling it good or designing it good at all. *sigh* :( (I wonder if this is related to how Disney treated PR?)

  2. i liked go onger, i though engine-oh g12 was good, but i think what shinkenger did with their 11 combination was so bad i didnt like the mecha in that series so much and goseiger is doing that as well, but it looks better then shinkengers' mecha cluster, still i mostly seen more 2000's sentai series more then others, but i like a lot of them like boukenger and dekaranger were probably the best during that time

  3. also i agree about the woman during the 2000's they are the hottest, dekaranger and hurricanger had the hottest ones, dekayellow and hurricane blue

  4. You forgot about the extra rangers, especially extra females... Magimother, Dekabright, etc.

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