Trademarks and Milestones in the Late 70s-80s Sentai

The fact is Sentai in the 80s had their milestones and trademarks which I can name are:

The outfit styles were typical 80s. Self-explanatory. Even many of the men and women had those Grease hairstyles. Turboranger was the last Sentai to do so.

Sentai violence was kind of heavy in the 80s and guns were frequently used.

It was also the era that was soon trying to mix the extra ranger additional plot in trial and error. Perhaps the best example is X-1 Mask in Maskman who only appeared in episode 39. The concept was also used in Bioman in episodes 35-36 with Yatori who wanted to join the Biomen.

Robots back then were much simpler. Robots only began to combine in Liveman and Turboranger. In Goranger and JAKQ there were no robots. Battle Feve J introduced a giant robot that immediately appeared into battle. There were less toys to sell then. :-P

There were the flying fortresses that carried the mecha into battle. It ended with Turboranger but it was returned for a short time in Carranger with the Victory Trailer which however arrived LATER in the show.

We also had the introduction of nuisance villains in some shows who didn't side with the default enemy but fought for their own purposes.