Types of Sentai Red Rangers

I think it's time to write on the types of Sentai red rangers which are:

You have the typical leader type. However they are not without weakness though. Some of these leaders are actually tragic.

You have the unlikely red ranger type. These are the ones that don't start out as you expect them to be and later mature in the series. Banban Akaza may be the most famous. With them are their better second-in-commands. In some cases a second-in-command becomes the actua leader male or female like how Tsurihime is the actual leader of the Kakurangers instead of Sasuke or Yuuri is the actual leader of the Timerangers instead of Tatsuya. At times, Hoji Tomasu was the actual leader if Banban Akaza's incompetence shows up.

You can have the extremely fiery type of leader who has some dark secrets to reveal. I wonder which Takeru's secret is funnier? I vote for Red Mask.

Lastly the first female red ranger is Kaoru Shiba of Shinkenger. Sadly she didn't lead the Shinkengers with Takeru for the final battle which I expected her to do since she was the true heir.