Why I Think Sentai Humor is Necessary

Just as drama is necessary, Super Sentai humor is just necessary. Why? Well think about it, laughter is good medicine and it helps produce the killer cells. Here are some reasons why:

It gives more personality to the rangers especially the more serious type. It shows that not all humans are jerks. Even somebody that serious like Hoji Tomasu has great humor moments within the series showing how much of a nice guy he really is.

It shows that although these groups protect us, nobody's perfect in this world gone wrong so they need to help each other out. Take for instance some of the red rangers are not what they expect them to be and they later change for the better or how Mako Shiraishi despite the fact she's hot, she's a bad cook. :-P

At least there will be some time to laugh at the villains rather than keep hating them. This happens in more lighter Sentai shows like Boukenger which I believe was meant to avoid the stories from becoming too dark IMO.