Are Children The BIGGEST Source of Sentai Fans-PR Fans Wars?

Can't help but use a picture of Kou. Hee hee.

As a co-author of Power Rangers union, I got this comment from its former administrator only known as DancingAlienDude:

I will tell you one thing, Sean. There are a lot more little kids where that came from. Whether they be Sentai or PR fanboys, we'll never stop them.
If we can all make blogs involving creating peace between the shows, we'll put an end to them soon.

Yup that's true. Based on my experience as a child, I can remember how I insist something is better and a fight starts because of it. Remember a little fire can destroy an entire forest. Super Sentai fans and Power Rangers fans who were usually children fought to which is better. Children are easily carried away into useless battles (that's why I call war freaks childish) like this and with children having Internet knowledge, I guess they're a major pain. And right, most of these are surrounded by cultural biases and colonial mentality.

Like how? For example, in the Philippines, Filipino children (REGARDLESS of ethnicity) tend to think that if its imported especially if its American it's better when it's NOT always true. Or another is biases against the West taught to Oriental children by their parents, which of course becomes another source of fanboy quarrels.

Another area of this can be explored with children judging everything by one's natural looks, not by the content. That is, a child can only choose to watch either of the other because of a prettier Sentai/PR babe. Hmmm... I have to admit I'm pretty childish to watch Power Rangers and Super Sentai for the pretty girls! Pretty characters DO NOT make a good script if they can't execute their parts properly. Those pretty actresses won't be a help if they didn't do their acting right even if no Sentai/PR acting is at a high level of being professional.

I'll just have to admit my dirty little secret- I watched Power Rangers and Super Sentai for the pretty girls. :-P I have to admit I watched MMPR falling for Kimberly Hart as a child. After the actress left, well it ended my addiction but the obsession to get a girlfriend that looks like her clings to my head even if I'm oriental :-P. XP

Maybe Disney is another factor during the Disney era of Power Rangers. Why? Disney is more known than Saban. As a child, I knew Disney more than Saban. Saban may be a big time company but its owner Haim Saban doesn't own an amusement park that big like Disney. Also he may have started as a middleman for Japanese companies to enter the U.S., specifically Toei before he was given permission to buy footage. Disney on the other hand has produced more than Saban did and is a bigger shot. I have to admit though- many of Disney's cast members really VERY ANNOYING regardless of ethnicity.

Now we see why Queen Bandora has a fairly evil reason to hate children that much!

Hmmm... reminds me of just how much like Takeru/Red Mask I was a child writing this!


  1. LOL those little kids are hilarious. If they ever start an insulting/annoying conversation with them, just tell them "isn't it past your bed time?" and they'll shut up.

    As for on subject. Kid fanboys often make easy generalizations and jump into conclusions more easily than grown-up fanboys. The nostalgia from Power Rangers plus the maturity from Super Sentai will often sink into their heads, and since they can't filter out the bad stuff from the franchises they feel like they can do whatever they want with their "power."

    If fanboys want to start wars, they should at least need to give detailed reasons why their preference is better than the other. Unfortunately 10 year olds won't bother taking their time doing so. I'd say it's best to avoid fandom wars regardless.

  2. @DancingAlienDude-

    Since Power Rangers and Super Sentai are aimed towards children, then it's natural. Most of their reasons are just SO SILLY without justification.

    Hmmm... maybe that's why Bandora hates children so much when she forgot about Kai in the present day. LOL.

    I remembered as a child, having crushes on the babes of PR/Sentai is common. Most people judge too much by face value... sigh.

    By the way, at ten years old I remembered writing a love letter to somebody on PAD PAPER! Weird isn't it?


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