Goseiger 24- Miracle Attack

This episode has Sematerei of the Broken Specter as their enemy and they must figure out how to use the power of the Abare Header, which is used by Bladerun to cause trouble.

Also in this episode, some monsters of the Yuumaju are temporarily brought back to life which also causes trouble.

It took the effort of Alata/Gosei Red to communicate with Abare Headers spirit to be able to access it. When he succeeds, they don these golden armor power ups. Ah these remind me of those team armors in the past. It helps them save the day.

Sadly, I'm losing my enthusiasm as of late. Sad but true. :-(


  1. i think they should have called it miracle goseiger not super goseiger, and im fine with it, but this just means more mecha for this series, ugh


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