Goseiger 25- Nostalgic Moune

This week's Goseiger kind of reminds me of Fiveman episode 31 in relation to a false parent and its focus on the yellow ranger.

This episode has Moune on focus and she is deceived into believing that the monster is her mother.

The monster is known as Sarawareteiru of the Fairy. Goseknight exposes the monster's disguise.

There's a team-up between Moune and Gosei Knight to defeat the monster. Also it's the second time their powered up forms show up.

Honestly speaking, I wish Goseiger will get better writing or am I being biased?


  1. i agree this episode was alright, but it could have been much better, im just glad that yellow and black had some more focus in this episode

  2. really? I thought this episode was one of the better ones. I know Goseiger hasn't been great. But that doesn't mean it can't eventually have good episodes.

  3. i liked it but not too much i just didnt like the whole faking a family member plot that much, it was way too predicatable i can tell that was going to happen when i saw the preview for that episode


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