Goseiger 26- Laughing Goseigers LOL

This episode is kind of more on the funny side... literally. So I think Hyde's blue color represents the blues, being gloomy since he's the only one not laughing. Eri is just adorable. :-P Here the evil Hitto of the Tengu seeks to remove laughter from the world.

For a wtf moment, Alata does some impersonations to give Hyde. This just worked as it attracted the monster and freed the others who were captured. I guess this episode shows blue for coolness and for gloominess as evidenced by Hyde.

Anyway, I don't know how to make up for deleting previous Shinkenger reviews I made last because the videos were removed by Youtube (they weren't mine). :-(


  1. i couldnt really like this episode that much, and the next episode looks good because there is going to be some damn focus for black for once


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