Goseiger 27- Backbiting is Deadly

In Goseiger 27, we can see the moral lesson of backbiting is deadly. That's what the enemy is taking advantage of with the monster known as Jogon of the Ningyo. He has the ability to put seashells into people's ears to make people think somebody's backbiting at them. Also in this episode, Bladerun is released with a warning. The monster intends to replace Bladerun.

Agri/Gosei Black becomes the victim in this episode. However he is able to overcome this no matter how difficult it is. I just find it amusing how he beats up Kinggon as well.


  1. Love what Buredoran is doing behind the scenes. hehehehe. xD

    This episode was fun. Agri has gotten like NO character development at all in Goseiger. His only focus ep was episode 7 (which was a funny ep). And then there was ep 19, where Agri gets scolded by the father played by Teruaki Ogawa (also played NinjaRed from Kakuranger and Hyuuga from Gingaman). Can't really say that's much development.

    I kind of started to think that Agri was quite useless and had no charm as a character. And I loved how this episode delved into that! Where my own thoughts of him reflected what he thought his partners were saying about him. And the scene where Gosei Knight calls him pathetic and Agri getting angry was awesome.

  2. yea im with fantasy a great episode with some focus for black thank goodness, now next episode focus for the minor characters, yea........ ep 28 is going to be bad i can tell


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