It's Not The Looks But What Super Sentai Cast Members Bring to the Show

It's really something when a show gets UNFAIRLY criticized by just anybody because of the lack of beauty especially by those tiny-thinkers children or not. However Sentai is Sentai also because of the fact of what the cast members bring to the show- dedicated acting, newbies that try their best and experienced actors helping out as much as they can. Good looks just mean nothing if a bland performance is given- like for example why I have lost my interest in watching some other shows besides Super Sentai if a pretty character doesn't perform well.

Sometimes some of the ladies can look down at Super Sentai due to the lack of good-looking men. I agree and can say that most PR men are hotter than Sentai men. However these guys usually deliver a good acting. Okay no Sentai acting is excellent but at least only a few overact.

A good example is on the Sentai girls. Yes there are quite a good number of pretty Sentai girls (some I don't find hot though) but if they were overacting rather than being natural, I think they'll ruin the show. Any good looking sentai babe should be liked more for her professional work than her appearances. Pretty or not, it's the acting that counts more!

I think that's what Takumi Hirose is complaining about before he left Tokusatsu, that cast beauty has apparently overshadowed the need for intense action. However can't blame him if he leaves Tokusatsu because of certain limitations to action per se.

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  1. It is not true there are no good-looking men in Sentai! There are a lot! I'm partial to Red Hawk, ShinkenRed and TimeBlue but there are others ;)

    Everyone says the girls' acting ability is more important than looks but nobody really cares unless the actresses are "hot." Mako for example is far and away one of the most popular characters in Sentai but as a character she's not that great - she's annoying, self-righteous and too flirty with the Red. Would anyone care less about her, or ship her with Takeru, if she were played by a plain-looking actress? No, I don't think so. Then when Shinkenger ended people were complaining that the Goseiger actresses weren't pretty enough to live up to the previous cast, they could have been brilliant performers and some fans still would not have cared as long as the girls looked like supermodels

  2. I agree with you. You can have a good looking cast, but that doesn't mean much if the acting isn't very good.

    Also, saying that good looking actors/actresses makes Super Sentai better is like saying that greater graphics makes a great video game, when that isn't the case. It's the good acting in which makes such Japanese animes &/or live action shows like Super Sentai better, & it's the gameplay on which makes a good video game (Look at FFXII, for example. It had greater graphics for a PS2 game, but it had awful gameplay & story).


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