My Bandai Museum Sentai Related Photos Collection

Okay I did NOT go to the Bandai Musuem but I hope I can go there soon to at least make me feel young for a little while. Hee hee. (Some pics taken from Henshin Grid)

In memory of the first group of rangers who fought to defend the world, the Gorangers.

A dedication to all the red rangers from Goranger to Boukenger.

A collection of plastic Sentai accessories. I wonder if some of them were used for the show.

The toys' section- I would hate to take a child here and me lose my temper! Well, too bad I've outgrown childhood!

The Sentai hall of fame.

A loadful of mecha... wow! If they were all real, Japan would be done for! A PR fan would say, "Zord overload!"

A display of the earlier main robots. PR fans would be calling them Megazords.

A collection of Sentai jackets (wish I had the Hurricanger jacket... hee hee). Note there are Power Rangers Wild Force toys so let's stop the PR-Sentai fanboy war!

Sun Vulcan and Bioman toys.

Maskman toys and above it... Changeman toys. The Galaxy Robo is my favorite. Remembered these when I was a child.

Dynaman and Turboranger toys. Below it, we also have Jet Garuda mixed into the collection.


  1. These are awesome! I wonder if that's still open, since I heard that Bandai Museum was closed like a long time ago.


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