Possible Pairings for Kaoru Shiba by Me

Okay I'm not the first one to make an entry like this but I want to write it my own way. These possible pairings IMO for me are:

Ryunosuke Ikenami- He's been a true and loyal friend to every Shinkenger including Kaoru so no problem even if he can get annoying at times but he's FUNNY. It seems there was a possible chemistry between them. It will still exist as a samurai to samurai marriage.

The other would be Genta Umemori. In Shinkenger, the two had a good partnership for a short time but that doesn't make them a couple. I would have voted for this originally but I think Ryunosuke would be a better husband for Kaoru Shiba. He can be quite idiotic. If he marries Kaoru, well they might migrate to France or any country outside Japan. Takeru would be scared to death with this!

By the way, I didn't include Chiaki Tani because I'm always going for him to go with Kotoha Hanaori. :-P

Is there ANY WAY to VOID that stupid adoption thing? What were the writers thinking?! By the way, my fan-fiction Sword Dynasty won't have it!


  1. The Chiaki/Kotoha stuff was pretty one-sided (and seemed to die down towards the end of the show) so he's still a candidate for Kaoru's love interest. Nothing would annoy Takeru more than having Chiaki as a stepfather ;)

  2. Oh come on, that adoption was genius! xD

    I think the writers deserve credit for being original. Yes, it's silly, but at least it's fun and intriguing. Besides, it's not like Kaoru is living with Takeru, so I don't see why you dislike it so much.

  3. I agree with FL here, although silly, I found Takeru's adoption to be an interesting plot twist.

  4. Ryuunosuke may be serious, but I don't associate him with level-headedness. A level-headed Ryuunosuke wouldn't give us those lovely, over-the-top, loud, hammy performances that we know and love.

    That hyperactive stuff is what makes Ryuunosuke himself... He has his actual serious moments, but overall, he's hyperactive.

  5. No offense, Sean. But I've heard of plenty of rants from Sentai fans saying Ryuunosuke is homosexual. I did see a few signs of him being overly loyal to Takeru and some make fun of him and Genta being together.

  6. I think that is an absurd accusation. The way I saw Ryuunosuke was someone who was loyal to fulfilling his duties as a Samurai. Yes he was initially very loyal to Takeru, but by the time Kaoru rolled around, it seemed his loyalties had switched to protecting her instead.

  7. It's canon that Ryuunosuke liked Mako, so he must be at least bisexual. I don't think he has any romantic interest in Kaoru though

  8. @susurro- I don't think Ryunosuke is bisexual. :-P

    @Mr. Smith- Agreed.

  9. @ Sean - If he's not bisexual then he must be straight! He likes girls! (or at least, he did like one girl ...)

    The advantage of Kaoru marrying one of the boys is that now she isn't the head of the Shiba any more, her husband's family could continue. Whereas if Takeru were to marry Kotoha or Mako, it would shut down her bloodline. You can't just say "their son would be ShinkenRed and their daughter would be ShinkenPink/Yellow", ShinkenPinks come from the Shiraishi line and ShinkenYellows come from the Hanaori lne


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