Pink Rangers Who Had Courtships with a Monster of the Week

Sad but true, there have been some rangers who had affairs with monsters of the week. I wonder if it could be called bestiality or not knowing that the monsters couldn't be classified as animals either. Just interesting that these are pink rangers. LOL.

Momoko/Pink Mask- In episode 34 of Maskman, she was courted by Guron Dobler.

Kasumi Hoshikawa/Five Pink- She was deceived by Chameleonzarugin. However she was able to see right through the deception.

Lin/Hououranger- She was courted by the Media Magician (acted by Ryousuke Umezo, too bad they didn't end up with each other) in episode 33 which he loved her in return. The Media Magician was a Gorma. The romance ended badly as Gara killed him and used his dead body as a giant puppet later. In the end, she threw the picture with him into the ocean. Probably a tribute to Maskman episode 34.

Umeko Kodou/Deka Pink- She was courted by Matthew in episode 46. Okay technically Alienizers are not monster of the week though I choose to count them as such. It was this episode when her relationship with Sen Enari was established.

Sakura Nishihori/Bouken Pink- In Task 26, she was courted by the wicked Prince to become part of his collection.


  1. yes, you're right, sean. pink rangers have affairs with a monster, owing to the fact that they are pretty enough to catch the other party's fancy. more power sean, hope you could have a blog about Takeru of Maskman. great work.


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