Revealed Childhood Secrets of the Two Takerus

I tend to compare both Takerus A LOT. Well here's Red Mask vs. Shinken Red's childhood secrets:

Takeru/Red Mask- His childhood secret was revealed in episode 38. I find it quite funny because while he claimed to be a well-behaved child, his teammates discover the very opposite when they traveled back in time. Igam wanted to eliminate him as a child so he wouldn't exist in the present. The child Takeru causes trouble to the others especially to the girls Haruka and Momoko. After the final battle for the episode, he is teased by his teammates that they finally know his past. It was fun to watch. Hmmm... he reminds me of me!

Takeru Shiba/Shinken Red- It was first revealed to the audience in Act 5 that he was a pants wetter back then when he first entered the amusement park's ghost house. In Act 28, the guys knew of his secret but it wasn't that funny. Other childhood secrets revealed were that in Act 18 which was his childhood with Genta Umemori (who always messed up with him and he didn't like to study, which implied he may have poor grades in school like Red Mask does) and in Act 45, the true purpose of his existence as a shadow warrior to his "adoptive mother" Kaoru Shiba.


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