Sentai Series I've Underrated Myself :-(

Here are some series I've underrated myself and I'll tell some of my reasons:

Liveman- I find this series kind of way too dark, which IMO is even darker than Jetman and honestly, something that dark and serious doesn't appeal to me that much. Also, I kind of berated Liveman with its weak climax which didn't have that much action either. Some fans liked Liveman for it being kind of dark, but I didn't. I liked its clone Hurricanger better and I would pick the funny series Go-onger over this any day. However without Liveman, Hurricanger and Go-onger may never exist.

Abaranger- For me I didn't the series so much, maybe I like Zyuranger better than this darker series. I think I'm just being plain biased. :-( To be honest, I don't like this season as much as I don't like its PR adaptation Dino Thunder.

Go-onger- This series REALLY enters the list. I think it has to do with all the awesomeness for Shinkenger that I'm starting to find Goseiger really boring. Besides, I'm even thinking that Super Sentai could be getting stale with Goseiger. Maybe I'm just too amazed at Shinkenger. I think reviewing Goseiger episodes is starting to bore me but I'll do it for a few fans. I'm even thinking Saban should just skip this season entirely and adapt whatever comes after this. :-P


  1. I am quite interested in Liveman because the Red Senshi left a good impression on me thanks to a clip from Gaoranger vs. Super Sentai. Since you said it is darker than Jetman, I want to watch it once Grown Ups in Spandex is done subbing the entire series.

    I am fan of dark superheroes such as the Batman, that is why Kamen Rider and Jetman appealed to me.

  2. yea goseiger is not really getting me, but kamen rider has always been getting me hooked, i think they always stay fresh because every rider series has a bid diff to other rider series except the showa riders, mostly the heisei era has been fresh with rider, sentai is still godd, but goseiger is just not that good right now, i hope the next one just wont be influenced by a rider series because the only reason goseiger was made so that sentai could have a card series

  3. Liveman is amazing. One of my favorites. But sean, tell yourself this? Why do you not like dark stuff? You like Jetman, which is very dark. So it can't be that you don't like dark stuff. But yeah, the Liveman always lose in some way in almost every episode, which is depressing. And many of it's eps end that way. But maybe Liveman is more of a show that you can only watch little by little? Cause I know the show isn't unwatchable to you.

    As for it's finale, Liveman did well wrapping it's story up. Not every season needs to end with a super action-packed finale. It's good to try different things every now and then. A action-packed finale isn't the only way to end a series well. Fiveman's finale is action-packed, but it was really badly written.

    Also, you say you like Hurricaneger. I can understand that. But Go-onger? You say you don't like things that are dark. But you like things that are really light-hearted? Kind of strange. I'm not saying which you should like. Maybe for you, sentai is better if it's light-hearted? I think you should really think about this.

    Also, I don't think it should matter too much if a show is light or dark. As long as the story is good, the characters are good, it's fun, it's interesting, etc. I think that's what should really matter.

    IMO, Abaranger is the best 2000s Sentai. It's stories and characters were very well written. I think Zyuranger doesn't really compare to it. Yes, I do think you're biased towards this one.

    Finally, Goseiger. Well, I'm not really understanding why this is on your list. For Liveman and Abaranger, you found flaws in your opinions on them. Thus, that's why you said you underrated them. But Goseiger, from what you've said, it seems like you really don't like this season at all. You've said your reason you think you're underrating it is because you like Shinkenger so much. But think hard about it. Is it just because of Shinkenger? Judging by your other Goseiger comments, it seems like there's more to Goseiger that you don't like.

  4. @Fantasy Leader-

    That is when things get too dark or too gloomy.

    Jetman well it had some very funny moments which at least, shows how human people are- because even serious characters like Ryu and Gai have their comedy moments. Honestly speaking, I don't even count Jetman to be the darkest series. It's probably the most well-balanced followed by Maskman. Both Jetman and Maskman are dark yet not so dark.

    Liveman on the other hand, I felt was too depressing like Kamen Rider Black. I used to enjoy Kamen Rider Black but ended up liking Black RX better because it was dark at the same time, not so depressing. Liveman gives me that kind of feel.

    As for Goseiger, I think it has to do with these facts:

    *Warstar had potential so why write it off that early?
    *Multiple mecha is somewhat getting uncontrollable IMO
    *I think the show lacks seriousness

    My ideal Sentai is just the balanced one like Jetman and Maskman which is a serious theme yet it's not always depressing per episode, at least to make it more realistic.

  5. I think Liveman is pretty realistic. And Liveman had funny moments as well. Besides, I think we get way more light-hearted shows than anything that's dark. As for Maskman and Jetman, I disagree. I don't think they're balanced at all. I think they're much more darker than the majority of the franchise.

  6. @Fantasy Leader-

    Oh I see. Anyway, we have our opinions.

    By the way, are you going to contribute anything to our fan-fiction Sword Dynasty as of late?

  7. Jahoso was showing Gaoranger on Sunday and like someone said that's pretty underrated. I was impressed. Take the bottle episode. I thought it was gonna be pretty much the same as Wild Force but in Gaoranger it actually had quite an emotional story. Kakeru is also better than Cole.


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