Sentai's "Anniversary Seasons"

Sentai has some of its anniversary seasons and I'll talk a little bit of their significance to the franchise as a whole:

Kosoku Sentai Turboranger- This show before starting its proper series, introduced the Sentai groups (minus Goranger and JAKQ) to how they fought against the evil forces of their season. It introduced the idea of teenagers struggling with high school (in contrast to Liveman's College students) fighting against evil forces that humanity itself has released because of wickedness. This show also introduced the first ultimate combination. This show seemed to be the first one considered to be adapted into MMPR.

Mirai Sentai Timeranger- Although not the 25th entry (it's 24th), however I count this as an anniversary season. Why? Episode 51 was simply a special presentation where the Timerangers go back into the past to meet the various Sentai groups from 1975-2000. True to its name, it was launched during the year 2000, the start of the new millenium and it fully acknowledged Goranger and JAKQ.

Hyaku Sentai Gaoranger- It didn't have a crossover with Timeranger (the PR version did), instead it had a crossover called Gaoranger vs. Super Sentai with the dream team of Big One, Mega Pink, Ginga Blue, Go Yellow and Red Falcon and eventually a showcase of red rangers to encourage the Gaorangers. The show introduced the first multi-gattai robots and had the plot twist where the organization always had a change of leader. It also crammed in one ancient guy trapped in suspended animation to five modern day heroes. LOL I wonder why I'm still a fan of the Shirogane-Sae shipping?

Go Go Sentai Boukenger- I kind of thought that the phrase "go go" is almost a tribute to MMPR's tagline "Go Go Power Rangers". Maybe. Being the 30th anniversary, it had short clips starting in episode four about one Sentai group after the other, even a "documentary" on the Super Sentai shows. The show was popular to both Sentai fans and Power Rangers fans, mixing both original PR elements with original Sentai elements to make the show a memorable experience. Its anniversary team-up "Boukenger vs. Super Sentai" was a nice one but it wasn't as awesome as Gaoranger vs. Super Sentai IMO.


  1. If I remember correctly wasn't it GingaBlue?

  2. Actually, Liveman is the 10th anniversary of Sentai. They celebrated it by bringing in two very popular singers during the 80s. Daisuke Shima (to play Yuusuke) and Megumi Mori (to play Megumi). As well as bringing back Jouji Nakata (to play Bias), who previously played the popular Sa Kaura, and Yutaka Hirose (as Kemp), who previously played the popular Ley Wanda. Both from Flashman. And by adding in some more drama to the show, Liveman became very popular. Thus, they decided to have a quick team-up, when Turboranger started, to then celebrate the completion of ten seasons! ;)

    Then there's the 20th anniversary. It's debatable which season is the 20th. Some say it's Kakuranger. Since it was the first season of sentai that was on the air in 1995 (20 years after Goranger). Plus, the team up, Super Sentai World aired in 1995 to celebrate. Some say it's Ohranger. Ohranger aired in 1995 (20 years after Goranger. Ohranger could be an anniversary due to bringing back older writers, hiring great actors, a sudden increase in Sentai's special effects quality, as well as paying homage to Goranger with the military theme, geometric shapes, and pulling weapons out of their helmet visors. And finally, some say that Carranger is the 20th anniversary, due to being the 20th season in the franchise. And to celebrate the anniversary by just going all out and parodying it.

    And a fun fact, when Ohranger was airing, Goranger and JAKQ were officially considered part of the franchise. When that happened, Flashman re-aired on TV, to celebrate it as the brand new "10th anniversary." The same with Jetman, which became Sentai's brand new "15th anniversary." Hmm. I wonder if Dairanger was ever celebrated?

  3. Actally, Ohranger is the 20th anniversary series Fantasy as at the beginning of the Ohranger movie, they called it the 20th Anniversary.

  4. @ anonymous

    Oh yeah. I forgot about that. Thanks. xD


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