Some Shinkenger V-Cinema Photos

Here are some behind the scenes of Shinkenger V-Cinema photos. Enjoy!

If you ask me, it seems Tori Matsuzaka is still trying to show Takeru's aloof personality here.

Everybody's smiling but Tori Matsuzaka. Is that guy also like his character Takeru. Tsk tsk. What if Tori Matsuzaka is dating a lucky Filipino girl of his age? Hee hee. LOL.


  1. Tori Is Smiley Cheerful, check any video of him, hes soo Cute

    of just check my fansite if u go to videos theirs ont of the tour moments,!/pages/Tori-Matsuzaka-song-ban-tao-li/156726878757

  2. i'm so happy that i found a fellow Pinoy who is also a Sentai fan. Shinkenger is the best for me. Love the characters and love your photos of them! please keep updating!


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