Toning Down Violence, Dark Themes and Blood in Super Sentai

As of late, it seems Super Sentai has been reducing the violence and blood, in an attempt to make it more "kid friendly" without omitting character deaths, action and anything important to the plot. The thing is I found that the 80s-early 90s Sentai had the most violent scenes like the use of knife scenes and the actual showing of gunshot wounds. 2000s Sentai doesn't seem that violent, even Dekaranger as great as a show it is, may disappoint those who expect that much violence.

I think it had to do with the Japanese parents complaining with all that blood and I mean lots of blood especially during Dairanger. Who can't forget all that blood? In Dairanger, it was pretty much more mature than Jetman was (IMO) and probably darker. Blood is still present not as much as there was back then.

Speaking of dark plots, I find myself thinking that 2000s Sentai isn't as dark as the 80s-90s. For example, I still think Maskman is still darker than Shinkenger, Liveman is still darker than Hurricanger, Jetman is still darker than Boukenger and Dairanger is still darker than Gekiranger and I think it all ended with Timeranger. Instead, it seems to be less dark like how as of late. Hmmm maybe that's why younger Power Rangers fans can now like Super Sentai more.

So I kind of thought though that parents in the U.S. complained about Power Rangers but just wait 'til they see Super Sentai. Hee hee hee. And to think about it though, I guess all that violence appealed to me more as a grown-up than as a child.

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  1. Well compare the first ever Sentai series, GoRanger, where a hundred or more people got killed in the first five minutes alone to the super light and fluffy Goseiger ;) I was surprised that Goseiger even went so far as to give the Red an injury that lasted for several episodes, usually Sentai doesn't even do that any more

  2. I kinda think that darker themes don't necessarily translate into better seasons. Many darker seasons do translate into dark seasons, but I like a show that's more balanced. For me, I like seasons such as Dekaranger, Shinkenger, and Hurricanger that balance pretty dark seasons with a lighter and softer side.


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