Why I Think Gekiranger Deserves Its Nomination as Best 2000s Sentai by Fans

Gekiranger, just one of my favorite series but not exactly my top favorite 2000s Sentai. I have to admit that the show had its moments of weakness (but then, ALL Sentai shows do have it, DUH) but it was a pretty likable show. Maybe I really didn't like how hyperactive Jan was but he was a pretty interesting character. Honestly speaking, I would pick Cole Evans over him any day in a vote. I think Ran and Retsu were kind of not given enough attention.

So let's get started. Gekiranger has a very good plot, even if the 18 episodes weren't that serious yet. So who cares? Okay maybe I'm not so amazed with the mecha but still, the mecha battles were good. Also I liked how Retsu's brother Gou dons an entirely different color as purple and his previous conflict with Ken Hisatsu shows that super hero job is not for glamor but a test of true courage. However some characters in the academy were pretty annoying especially Elephan Hung, I really thought he's worse than Bulk in MMPR. The animal themes on the other hand, I feel really mix well with the martial arts.

I kind of thought that the interesting clash between the two schools at rivalry which was the Saint Fist and the other was known as Mechung Fu headed by Rio and Melee, who even as villains shown some humanity to the point they became part of the good guys towards the end. This shows also that there's something redeemable in people while others have gone too evil like the arrival of the Gen Jyu Ken in the middle of the series. I kind of thought that how both rival schools merged into one was a pretty nice plot on forgiveness. Oh yeah, I liked how Rio and Melee met their redemption before it was too late.

Should I mention how much of a hateful villain Long is? Long IMO was quite close to Jetman's Radiguet in terms of being despicable and it's been quite some time somebody like him appears. He just never cares about people, he's been around for quite some time and rivaling other villain groups, plus he killed Rio and Melee! He in my opinion might be this decade's most despicably portrayed bad guy- a manipulative guy to the very end. Because he couldn't be killed, he was sealed off in the form of a tiny ball by Jan, Ran and Retsu after doing some awesome kata at him. I felt like it was nice for once to dispose of a villain in a new way, which I believe perfectly wraps up the plot and ends it.

By the way, I'm not making any more "summaries" (see reviews and go to as many earlier posts as possible) of series anymore like I used to when this blog was just a baby and I had no direction to where it was going.


  1. I love how Ran is the captain of the team. Girl power! First female yellow leader.

  2. Yeah. I found Gekiranger to be a little underappreciated, too. The villain was fantastic, I thought. The same with the cool cast, heh.

  3. Nice post Sean. Gekiranger ftw! ^__^

    But may I ask why you think Geki deserves this more than Deka? Just curious, since Deka is your favorite of the 2000s.

  4. @Fantasy Leader- I DO NOT like Gekiranger more than Dekaranger. Hope I can clear this up.

  5. Oh, okay. I thought I heard you say somewhere that Deka was your favorite 2000s sentai. My bad.

  6. @Fantasy Leader- And yes, Dekaranger is my favorite 2000s Sentai. Here's the link in case you forgot:

    Why I Consider Dekaranger to be the Best 2000s Sentai

  7. Jan was just great, he remind me Luffy, Goku at the same person, it's really nice to have a person like that close to you, i didn't knew Gekiranger before watch Gokaiger Epi 7, when i see the suit, it was just BEALTIFUL, the purple one, and white one, just perfect, i really like martial arts i guess this is the reason i love this serie so much


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