Asian Themed Super Sentai Seasons

In Super Sentai, there have been some entries that have been quite Asian themed. Now moving on my short thoughts on them on their Asian influence.

For some reason, I would like to consider Hikari Sentai Maskman as the first Asian-themed Sentai. Why? Well the whole theme focused on Asian martial arts. It mixed both Chinese and Japanese fighting styles.

Gosei Sentai Dairanger instead of using Japanese themes, used Chinese themes in almost all the stuff from suits to mecha to the enemies instead of Japanese themes for some reason. To an extent, some characters were actually half-Chinese- Ryou and Lin. Kou, well he may have been pure Chinese himself.

Ninja Sentai Kakuranger was the first that used purely Japanese themes instead of Chinese themes. It also battled the supernatural based on Japanese myths as well.

Ninpou Sentai Hurricanger is the second ninja-themed Super Sentai. It was for me a fusion of Kakuranger and Liveman. Liveman in a sense of the first three members, betrayal, redemption and mecha. It also got its ninja theme from Kakuranger but that was just it. It featured more on technology than supernatural powers.

Juken Sentai Gekiranger was the second to use Chinese themes, this time to even pay tribute to famous Hong Kong stars with the Sky Fist Saints. Unlike Dairanger, this show wasn't that serious while keeping itself realistic.

Samurai Sentai Shinkenger is the latest Asian themed Super Sentai and first to be samurai-themed and second to focus on Japanese myths. How will the PR adaptation turn out? Looks like I'll just have to wait. This show IMO also gave me Maskman nostalgia.


  1. Asian themed Sentai are always cool. ^__^

    Btw sean, just a suggestion, you might want to avoid getting off topic. Like, I noticed you'd suddenly go off the topic of "Asian themes" and suddenly mention Kou being a child warrior, and how each season was adapted. Though of course, you might've had reasons to do this, but just wanna help out just in case man. ;)

  2. @Fantasy Leader- Thanks. I need to really improve myself especially I have many thoughts in my head.

  3. i agree with you sean. regarding maskman, they are asian themed and it shows through out the series. sean, i want to suggest if you could write about ryosuke kaizu's guesting in super rescue solbrain and dairanger with corresponding photos. more power sean!!!


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