Differences Between Power Rangers Funny Characters and Super Sentai Funny Characters

I never thought of this. Silly me! Bwahahahaha! :-P

Super Sentai has its comic reliefs. However there are some chief differences between Super Sentai's and Power Rangers' comic reliefs. These I believe are:

If Super Sentai had any crazy scientist in any of the series, they didn't spend their time stalking the rangers or just there to make us laugh, they were vital to the script. Instead they became mentors or assistants. Take Dr. Dazai, Dr. Kubota, Dr. Makino and Dr. Amachi as funny geniuses in Super Sentai. Hmmm they can drink a cup of tea with Professor Phenomenus who'll feel jealous with them telling him stories of their exploits with aliens and monsters. IMO the Sentai funny geniuses are more prone to comedy than Professor Phenomenus ever was.

Bulk and Skull type characters don't exist in Super Sentai unless if they were part of the hero team or the villain team. I've noticed a parallelism between Squat and Baboo to Bulk and Skull in terms of being dumb and dumber. Also, I ended up comparing Bulk with Raita in Jetman because they were both overweight and the funny type character. Bulk would definitely get jealous of Raita although none of them will beat Tommy for the audition to sponsor martial arts.

The funny characters can get more hyperactive in Super Sentai than in Power Rangers. When I first saw Genta Umemori, I thought he would really do more damage than Gem and Gemma combined. They should have tea sometime. Hee hee. Genta Umemori made me laugh more than Skull ever did. I hope Power Rangers Samurai will have this type of idiot existing soon.

Airheads are well... more airheaded in Super Sentai. Nobody was ever that ditzy in Power Rangers, not even from MMPR for a campy season. I guess Saban's 2011 Power Rangers won't have characters that airheaded, not even among the whites. :-P Kimberly Hart may be a ditz but she wasn't a dumb girl.

Not to mention the funny villains. Bukback IMO is funnier and dumber than Squatt was. In watching Carranger, the Bowzock's idiotic member Zelmonda was even dumber than his Power Rangers counterpart Elgar.


  1. "In watching Carranger, the Bowzock's idiotic member Zelmonda was even dumber than his Sentai counterpart Elgar."

    Don't you mean PR counterpart?

    Anyways, the main differences between Sentai and PR humor is that Sentai tends to be sillier, and among the rangers and villains. While in Power Rangers the humor tends to come from the villains and comic relief side characters. Though, RPM is much like a Sentai series in that it had comic relief characters playing as rangers, like Ziggy, Gem, and Gemma.

  2. @Mr. Smith- Thanks for pointing that out.

  3. Bulk and Skull > Every comic relief character in Disney.

    I'll say that much.

    Btw Sean, check out my comment in the latest blog you wrote.


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