How Immature Do Children Fanboys Get?

If there's anything else I'd like to write about also, is how immature children fanboys can get and children are the biggest source of fan boy quarrels!

So far, here's how immature they can get:

Children insist 99% of the time they're the ones who are right because they don't understand what life is. So what they like, others must also like. I remembered getting into a fight with adults as a child and later as a teenager, I kept getting into fights with children over the presence of that kind of attitude. Hmmm I guess children in Super Sentai can be blamed for the rise of evil, the return of Ragorn in Turboranger, Radiguet considering humans to be disgusting, Bandora's immense hatred for children, the birthing of Orgs in Gaoranger and the rise of Infershia.

They tend to look up to something as if it doesn't have flaws. For example, children Super Sentai fans can think that there's no flaw in Super Sentai. In reality, Super Sentai had some bad writing done even in a good series. The same applies for children Power Rangers fans. One show being better than the other doesn't mean it doesn't have flaws. :-P

Racism plays a major role with children fanboys
. I've noticed how children of different ethnicities in a multi-cultural countries like America and the Philippines tend to fight A LOT and make severe racist comments against each other while accusing each other for racism, which both sides are guilty of. For example an American child says, "My culture is better than you, you yellow piece of trash." to a Chinese child and the Chinese child says, "Not on my watch you white piece of trash." With the situation where Americans make fun of Asians, Asians make fans of Americans- both are racist meaning children Sentai fans can be racist too!

Oh yeah, many of these fanboy quarrels can get violent especially in the public schools. You hear me... VIOLENT! I remembered how I had a sparring match with my classmate while in elementary when my opinion disagreed with him.


  1. Kid fanboys don't just come from Power Rangers/Sentai fanbases. They're everywhere you go.

    Before MegaPurple comes onto this post and gives us all a lesson, I'm gonna say that it's just harder for little kids to filter out the negative ideas which come from both Sentai and PR. Suppose a child watches something as dark as Dairanger, may not be a good idea.

    Maybe the new appeal from the 2001-post Sentais were meant to be targeted towards younger audiences. Could it be?

  2. @DancingAlienDude-

    "Maybe the new appeal from the 2001-post Sentais were meant to be targeted towards younger audiences. Could it be?"

    I think so. Looking at them, even Shinkenger was not as violent and dark as Dairanger or Liveman. Goseiger feels kinda too kiddie for me also.

    Dairanger I felt was probably the most mature, but funny how I don't feel that dark about it or how it had a kid ranger in it. :-P


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