Is Super Sentai Getting Too Male Oriented?

Thanks to DancingAlienDude's comment saying: (Post here)

Your first point kinda explains the fact why not many females like Super Sentai and why white females don't find most Asian men attractive. But that's beside the point. I also found Power Rangers male heroes more memorable than the Sentai male heroes. Not only because of the nostalgia, but it seems like the appeal of the Power Rangers heroes seem to capture the audience differently than of Sentai's.

Hmmm... thanks for the rather enlightening comment. It made me think that Sentai seems to attracts males more than females. Here's what I think:

Sentai's girls are really that hot these days. I have to admit more Sentai girls are hotter than Power Rangers' girls (the guys are the ones that's hot on the other side) although I still find Kimberly Hart a little hotter than Jasmine Reimon. LOL. Why am I so attracted to American girls these days?! Maybe not because I find Rin Takanashi to be hotter than Saban's latest hot girl cast member Brittany Pirtle. Okay Brittany Pirtle is pretty but Rin Takanashi is hotter.

Also Super Sentai has definitely more crazy action than Power Rangers although they'll have a harder time catching up with Chinese kung fu cinema. Well you can't have that in Power Rangers thanks to U.S. policies.

I think mecha plays a part. Most men like mecha whether they're inclined to it or not. I may not be inclined to mechanics since I'm quite weak with Math, but mecha still dazzles me.


  1. Well, Super Sentai is meant for little boys. Power Rangers is no different. If you mean older audiences, like teenagers and adults, then no, Super Sentai isn't JUST attracting to male fans. Sentai has LOTS of females fans. Maybe their numbers aren't as big as the males. But there's still a lot. As for Power Ranger males being more memorable than Sentai males.... that's just mere opinion. I personally think Sentai's males are far more memorable. Also, we don't know how the characters catch the audience, unless research is done. So I think it would be safer to call these reasons as "ifs" rather than actual facts.

  2. @Fantasy Leader-

    Well you have inspired me to write another entry. I kind of want to think about which Sentai guys really do attract females and I think here's my list but it's hard for me to list them, being a straight:

    *Riki Honoo
    *Isshu Kasumi
    *Tetsu Aira
    *Inou Masumi
    *Retsu Fukami
    *Takeru Shiba
    *Ryuunosuke Ikenami

    I wish you can suggest your list.

    By the way, opinions can be a major source of fanboy wars!

  3. huh interesting i find a lot of male sentai warriors more remorable then PR's men, the only PR men i thought who are memorable are the original men of mighty morphin and andros, the others i just cant really get a grip on, i can remember a lot more sentai male moments then PR

  4. I do agree with the comment that PR male characters are more memorable than Sentai male characters, but I like the female characters in Sentai better than PR. :P


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